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My thoughts for future classes

warhammer 3 - My thoughts for future classes

So after grail knight launched we have seen a fair bit of speculation about what other careers the ubersreik 5 may be getting. The most popular choices so far seem to be warrior prist for Salt and runesmith/engineer for bardin. I simply wanted to think of some other choices wich were more outside the box. I dont know if anyone have mentioned these before but here they are.

Saltzpyre: Priest of Ulric


I personally think this would be the best choice for people wanting the battle priest thing, without it going to much into the area of grail knight or foot knight for the big armored knight. The hardest thing lorewise for this to make sense is beliving that Saltzpyre would turn to another god than sigmar. This is however the god that sigmar himself worshipped so it might make sense, even more when you consider that Saltzpyre thinks that the ends justify the means. Meaning he might worship another god (not deamonic or undead) if it helps sigmars cause.

I have no idea about any talents or abilities for this class. I do however think that this could be a great opportunity for him to get a 2h axe or 2h hammer which the warrior priests of ulric often make use of.

Bardin: Dwarven miner.


While i do like the idea of bardin becoming a rune priest/smith or engineer, the lore specifies that a dwarf would have to train decades in order to become either of those. My solution here would be a miner as bardins next career. This could fulfill many of the same roles that engineer would with blasting charces as a ranged weapon or steampowered melee weapons. For his ability, i have thought about him taking out a mining lantern which would blind and stun enemies for a couple of seconds.


Kerillian: Half Dryad


So first of, here is how it could make sense lorewise. We know that kerillian is under some kind of curse and her wearing a mask have something to do with it. What if, she was cursed to slowly transforming into a treespirit, and the mask is there because she is part tree on her face. This class could be her, being so transfomed that she can't hide it any longer. Imagine a waystalker Kerillian but half of her is a tree. The fact that she also isnt totally tranformed yet also justifies her using weapons as dryads and treekin don't. I have know idea about any weapons talents or abilities for the class but they could be very fun.

Sienna – Thaumaturgist


So Sienna is probably the hardest one of the ubersreik 3 to find a new karrier for. Even though it would look very cool for Sienna to be using completly new magick from another wind, the likelihood of that happening is very slim, since it would go against all her fire based weapons and the lore in general. So i thought then how about a fire mage which focuses on support. Her ability could then depending on her talents either be a protective flame barrier for allies, or it could be a buf to the party where everyone would do fire damage for a limited time.

sorry if the post was to long, just wanted so share some thoughts on the characters. Tell me what you think.

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