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My thoughts on Kerillian melee weapons

warhammer 5 - My thoughts on Kerillian melee weapons

I spent 130+ hours in this game and 80+ hours in legend. After trying different types of weapons in each career, I would like to share my thoughts on some of the weapons I used:

Glaive: It’s the best all purpose melee weapon for WS and HM. Not good for shades since the ult does not work well with it. It has: 1). Decent melee range to safely kite plague monks and berserka along with trash mobs 2). Decent cleave stats in light attack to clean horde and generate cleave THP (HM) 3). Very fast charge attack, especially the 2nd one. 2nd charge is an overhead and can easily land headshot. It also has highest AP damage. One combo charge attack can kill SV if 2nd charge lands headshot.

Dual dagger: I cannot think a reason to bring it unless I play shades, because: 1). Poor melee range. 3 feet shorter than sword and glaive. A spear skaven slave or beastman can attack you before you attack it. 2). Poor cleave stats to clean horde. The slower you clean the horde, the more risk your team is going to have. All public players I played with in legend know how to deal with boss, elites and specials, but always gets killed when they mix with trash mobs. 3). Decent burst damage to single unit. Even though the damage is greatly reduced by armor, it can still reach breakpoint. The headshot damage allows me to kill SV in one charge combo. If crit, only 1 charge attack is needed. However, it’s very inconsistency to rely on crit. Also, the headshot damage does not work well with shades backstab. I cannot headshot monster or boss when I’m at its back.


Dual sword: 1). High cleave stats and very fast attack speed. Best weapon to clean horde. 2). Decent melee range, same as glaive. 3). Poor elite and boss damage. The charge attacks are still high cleave horde clean attacks.

Sword + Dagger: It’s an all purpose weapon but not as good as glaive. The good thing is that its charge attack works well with shades. 1). Sword part has high cleave stats. With its fast attack speed, it’s still a decent horde clean weapon. 2). 1st charge is high cleave horde clean and 2nd charge is burst damage to single unit. However, it lacks AP damage and sometimes 1 charge combo cannot kill a SV. The breakpoint is inconsistant.

Spear & shield: The only reason to bring it is when your team needs strong horde control, e.g. BW + BH + Huntsman. 1). Great horde control ability: 180 degree bash can stagger most elites excepts CW. 2). Poor horde clean ability: the only high cleave attack is 1st charge, and its cleave stats is close to sword. 3). Good elite killing power: long melee range, high attack speed making it very great to kill small amount of elites.

An interesting thing I find is that HM is the easiest career to carry among all Kerillian careers. Glaive + longbow can kill anything stands in your way faster than anyone, except Kruber’s Xsword or Saltz’s rapier. HM’s high mobility and BCR also makes her great to kite hordes and save teammates.

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