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My Thoughts on Underperforming/Underused weapons and how to fix them

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To start, these are my opinions, based on 260 hours of gameplay and about 60 hours in the beta, mostly on champion, but I've played a bit of legend too and mostly based on how the weapon feels in game and damage numbers against target dummies. Feel free to share your own opinions and discuss why I'm wrong and you're right or any thoughts you have about the weapon balance.

1h axe – I think this needs to have its cleave upped a bit so that it can cleave 2 champion/legend chaos fanatics like it could do pre 1.0.5 and like it can do to slaverats. This would really help it out when performing against hordes versus weapon choices like the falchion which outperform it in almost every way, without making it into a horde clearer as it would still only hit a couple in each swing and would still only hit 1 of everything else with higher mass like clanrats and marauders etc which when mixed in with hordes would still provide a challenge. (Btw this is how skaven hordes should be made more of a threat without killing my framerate; mix in some clan rats). Either this should be by default, or it should be able to hit a breakpoint where it does so such as with the many 15% power talents or with +% power vs chaos/infantry.

Dual Dagger – Same with these, either that or the charged attack damage versus armour could be upped to solidify its role as a single target DPS weapon.

2h sword – The recent changes were a good start, but I think it could do with more. I always wanted an armour busting overhead swing for this thing, but not too powerful obviously. It could replace the meh push-attack, or be a third charged attack. If not, then I think its speciality should be a lot of cleave. It would be neat if it could cleave multiple armoured or maulers like some weapons can seem to do, at least on the charged attack. sword and dagger

Sword and Dagger – Despite using the sword, the first 2 attacks deal less damage AND are slower than the dual swords, dealing only dual dagger damage. Because of this they just feel like a worse dual swords, with the only advantage being they have access to the dual dagger charged attack. I think the first 2 attacks should either do the full amount of damage or be a bit faster to compensate.

2h elf sword – I actually really like this weapon, but the one thing that kills it for me is the awful input delay when you block, let go of block then attack, causing the weapon to push. I'm not sure if this is a bug because it still hasn't been fixed, but I don't see why it would be intentional since no other weapon exhibits this behaviour and it was a thing way back in V1 before it got fixed.

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Hammer/mace and shield – I sort of liked shield weapons in V1, but I'm not really a fan of them this time around, aside from the axe and shield which is still great. The hammer and shield though, has lost its 3rd attack overhead from the first game which was the same as the hammer/mace 4th light attack, which really gave it some power that it's now lacking. To compensate, I think the first charged attack damage could be upped to that of the mace/hammer 4th light attack or possibly higher.


Handgun – the handgun really just needs faster reload speed and/or better accuracy. For a 'sniper' weapon, it's so awkward to use sometimes, especially when you stand, zoom in, take the shot and STILL miss because you fired like 1 second too early.

Crossbow – Same here in terms of accuracy. Reload speed is fine, other than that I like this weapon, but it's just outperformed by the grudgeraker as dwarf ranger or by the volley crossbow as bounty hunter.

Repeater handgun – I would just like the improved V1 control scheme back, that is all.

Fire sword – Bring back armour penetration on the light attacks! I know it was only the first one and it was a bug, but I always thought it was meant to be that way and it would be a unique little thing to differentiate it. The logic in my head is that the extreme heat of the blade sears through the armour. Also the charged attack is great, but I find it slightly too slow to use effectively against hordes, so it could be made a bit faster.

Conflag staff – I feel like this thing charges too slow and generates too much overheat and thus can't really be used effectively outside of battle wizard with her charge speed increase talents and I really don't want to have to play a specific career to use the staff I loved so much in the first game.

Changes I would make to weapons that aren't so underpowered:

Flail – I love everything about this weapons, except for the charged attack which could do with being a bit faster since I imagine its purpose is to cleave through hordes since the last 2 light attacks are better at killing armour, but currently I don't think it does the horde killing that well.

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Blunderbuss – It's great, but I think it could do with more ammo by default. Now I know you can have practically infinite ammo with scrounger through the melee bash, but I'm not sure if that's even intentional, so if it's not and it gets fixed, then I think it could do with a bit more ammoto support its role as a crowd control weapon, maybe 15 or 16 shots by default

Hagbane bow – again, a bit more ammo would be great since I often don't find myself using this outside of waystalker and if I do I'm usually out of shots fast. Conservative shooter doesn't help with this as much as it does with longbow or swiftbow.

Executioner Sword – the charged attack is great, but the light attacks have never felt as good to me in v2 compared to v1, it just doesn't feel like the infinite targets destroyer of heads that it once was. I think the light attacks could use more cleave, or a cleave bonus modifier on headshots. Also bring back the 4th light attack to increase the fluidity of the animation chain, and it would also help when swift slaying procs.

Anyway sorry for the long post and most likely terrible formatting, let me know what you think.

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