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My True Solo Champion on “The Skittergate” with Dwarf Ranger Class (some other videos).

chivalry banner cu2p1 1024x576 - My True Solo Champion on "The Skittergate" with Dwarf Ranger Class (some other videos).

Hello here, it was just to share the playlist link of my youtube account, i did some duo legend and true solo champion (i will try true solo legend later with Battle Wizard or Zealot i think).
For now, my two best are "Halescourge" and "The Skittergate" in true solo champion with Dwarf Ranger.
The skittergate: https://youtu.be/nVa1K-G4PfA
Halescourge: https://youtu.be/XvZQflrAgok

I think, The skittergate map is hard too, more straight but the map is SO long and can have a lot of boss, i got 4 boss to right in this true solo with Ranger, Spawn of Chaos, transformation chaos lord/spawn, Bile Troll and Rasknitt with the mecha.
There is always a bug who happen with the attempts i did against the mecha of rasknitt, after a moment (like if the mecha lose 40% hp), he won't move anymore, same with rasknitt, i don't know why and if you kill rasknitt before, the door won't open. So at the last attempt, i didn't hit Rasknitt to keep it fair and finished to kill only the mecha rat.


With item Charm and Crossbow trait, you can have 20% more damage bonus for boss, it makes the crossbow really effective!
2h axe is pretty good too but less safe, but at least on champ, Ranger can take damage to regen the ult in case, not on Legend where he takes a ton of damage.

I will try some true solo legend with class like Zealot or Battle Wizard i think (in my favorites :3) True solo is fun and stressing but that's a good feel! (except when an assassin appear from nowhere and ruin your run after you destroyed a horde+boss…
Sorry for my english, i'm french.

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