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Need help with Ironbreaker

warhammer 2 - Need help with Ironbreaker

Hey all. Been playing Ironbreaker for a while now as I like tank gameplay in all games. Did several legend runs but still want to optimise my build. Got 4 reds at the moment apart from the necklace. My sole purpose is to stagger everything reliably, keep my team safe and increase their damage. Here is my current setup:


Axe/Shield > Block Cost Reduction / Power vs. Chaos

Handgun > Power vs. Chaos / Power vs. Armoured

Necklace > Health / Block Cost Reduction

Charm > Power vs. Chaos / Power vs. Skaven

Trinket > Curse Resistance / Stamina Recovery


Temp HP on stagger.

5% power from each nearby ally.

Staggering makes enemies take 10% more damage.

Increased stamina recovery while the passive is active.

Increased stamina recovery after charged attacks.

Taunt increases power of nearby allies.

Here are my questions:

1- As far as I know, Hero Power increases my stagger capability against bigger enemies such as Chaos Warriors, which I am having trouble with. That's why I took Power vs. Chaos everywhere I could. Also the reason I took Power increasing talents. Am I doing correct or should I change it to something else?

2- Ranged weapon choice is bugging me a lot. Sadly, the handgun is the only red I have but I like Crossbow because I can still hit specials who hide behind other enemies. I've seen some videos of people using the Drakegun but I found myself more useful if I kept pushing enemies instead of using a ranged weapon with low range. Which one do you think is better?


3- I was using the Push/Block angle before and since I swapped to Block Cost Reduction, I experienced a noticeable difference in number of cases where I get surrounded. I'm not sure if this is a team mistake of not getting in a corner to prevent that or I'm just playing worse. The only advantage I've seen is to be able to straight out tank bosses and overhead hits of elites. I'm not sure which one I should take. Maybe both and get rid of Power vs. Chaos?

4- Gromril Curse. I'm not sure if I should take this. I heard it's bugged and removes Stagger from enemies or something, not sure. I like the extra Stamina Recovery but I know I already have the trinket and the bonus after charged attacks. From what I understand, it's basically a failsafe from any disabler, maybe except for the leech if it catches me from far. I feel like I should learn to dodge them instead of relying on this. What do you think?

5- Last talent. I usually use my ultimate on patrols and/or bosses so we can nuke them faster. I read that everyone should be able to tank a boss without taking damage so boss taunt seems useless for better groups. I've used it before, it's fun to watch everyone smash the boss while it's desperately trying to get through my shield. Duration one really helped when we were learning the game and were pulling Chaos Warrior patrols instead of avoiding them. Power increase seems to be working well at the moment but I would like your opinions as well.

I would appreciate any other suggestions.

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