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Need help with Research Paper

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Hey all you rat-slaying bastards! I need your help!

I am currently writing a research paper and realized I could use you, the Vermintide community, as a data collection source. To put some background, it is a paper on language acquisition, and my focus is on how communities of gamers are capable of creating their own titles and roles to various aspects of videogames based on things like efficiency and ease of understanding.

The reason why Vermintide came up so quickly in my mind is, being an avid player, I realized how many names each of the characters have for things in game. Unlike L4D where each enemy was clearly "Smoker" or "Boomer", a Life Leech in Vermintide is a "Life-Stealer Witch", "Leech", "Guzdumi", and, my personal favorite, "Succ Boi".


So now, I ask all of you: what do you call various things in Vermintide that allow you and others to easily communicate and understand?

Full disclosure, your identity is not necessary nor will it be requested. If you do not wish for your reddit username to be used in a screenshot of examples, please make it aware.

Edit: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1RB_WAfSRBlyRtwzv7_7-Y9yvEpRZEojeMl_22YULnBc/edit?usp=drivesdk

Hopefully the link works, but here's a google form with a few questions and then a final area to just fill in the blank of your own experiences. Thank you all so much for the help you are willing to provide!

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