Warhammer: Vermintide

Need revert to pre-DLC difficulty levels

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Seems like for whatever reasons, the general difficulty of the game has dropped far too low.

While personally I don't give a shi* about any of the bogus 'reasons' some people give for the hate-train against the DLC and the devs, I do care about the fundamentals of the game and how it affects the experience. Any new patch/feature always brings bugs and problems in ANY game, and that's merely a matter of time and patience… not to mention none of the bugs occur so often as some people are exaggerating. A few weeks, perhaps months, and those problems will be gone, so it doesn't matter to me at all.

However, the changes affecting the difficulty seems to be out of a conscious decision from the devs, and the result is some of the charm the game had is gone. Every boss and lord in the game are like glass now, and hordes are less frequent with far less numbers… and the challenging and intense combat experience is hard to find with the new DLC.



I would hope the devs would decide to undo any changes to the bosses, lords, and hordes. As it is, every difficulty in the game is now downgraded a notch or two, as in Champ games feel like Vet or Rec level, and Legend games feel more like a particularly easy Champ run.


No wonder so many people are suffering from placebo in regards to weapon changes, and reporting that somehow their weapon became better despite no really meaningful changes — the main challenge factor of the game is dumbed down.


Pandering to the "bottom-feeder" bracket of skill level rarely — if ever — works. For me, it's a far better experience to suffer a jarring defeat from seemingly impossible odds from a mixture of bosses, hordes, specials, elites, what not — rather than every game finishing in like 15 mins flat in a bland "running simulator" with everyone's HP over 90% all the time.

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