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New Class Ideas: A Comprehensive List

warhammer 3 - New Class Ideas: A Comprehensive List

Hey everyone!

To build hype for the new upcoming careers, I want to speculate wildly about what they might be, listing as many good ideas I can think of in order of likelihood / quality. I've grabbed many of these from other speculation threads, but I wanted to offer a comprehensive list bringing together the best ideas.

For some reason people have trouble coming up with Sienna ideas, so we’ll actually start with the Maven of Fire.


  1. Alchemist – A bright wizard employed by the Engineering College of Nuln, bringing a steampunk aesthetic. This Sienna would have the option of using ranged weapons (rifle, pistols, shotgun), shooting ensorcelled flaming bullets. She could also buff / spawn extra bombs, and use the Flaming Sword of Rhuin to enchant her allies’ blades and bullets.

  2. Archmage – As yet another bright wizard this option might be boring, but the Ultimate could be a Flame Vortex, akin to the Blightstormer’s vortex.

  3. Myrmidian Priest – Sienna is from Estalia, and while Kruber already has a Knight of the Blazing Sun variant, Sienna could easily become a white-robed priest of Myrmidia, who often serve as tactical advisors to military commanders. She could also have trained in fire magic.

  4. Sister of Sigmar / Sister of Mercy – The priestesses of Mordheim who collect wyrdstone / warpstone and keep it in a vault.

  5. Golden Order – Closest to the Bright Order, she could wear a golden facemask like Balty, and use golden light or shards of metal for her attacks.

  6. Celestial Order – Lightning instead of fire.

  7. Jade College – For the memes. True support class focused on healing allies.


  1. Warrior Priest – Big armor, bigger hammer. ("Daddy Sigmar, RAVAGE this blessèd body.”)

  2. Pirate – He could have an eyepatch and a parrot on his shoulder. Such meme potential.

  3. White Wolf Templar of Ulric – He would wear a skinned wolf pelt as a hat and cape like Hercules and praise Ulric instead of Sigmar.

  4. Templar of Morr – Black and purple aesthetic, maybe a vampire hunter.


  1. Engineer – New guns, bombs, and contraptions. He could have a repeating shotgun and a sticky bomb. Could have two different aesthetics. The first, as a miner with a lamp-helmet focused on black power and explosions. The second as a tinkerer, like a gyrocopter mechanic, with lots of steampunk gears.

  2. Runesmith – Might lug about a war anvil to cast / hammer out spells.

  3. Chaos Dwarf – We had a Shade Kerillian, so we could have a Chaos Dwarf Bardin, either as an Exile who rejected the evil of his race, or as a Dawi-Zharr in Disguise, hiding his horns, having convinced the other members of the U5 that he is, in fact, a perfectly normal Dawi, and plotting some terrible evil scheme for Karak Zorn. Would bring the awesome Fireglaive weapon, and could either have an Infernal Guard fullmetal aesthetic, or a Babylonian hat.

  4. Privateer – A peg-legged dwarf sailor.


  1. Shadowdancer – An elite wardancer of the wood elves, she would have tattoos, and her ultimate could include a decoy illusion of herself made of mist, running forwards to distract Skaven for five seconds. The problem is this career overlaps with both Handmaiden and Shade.


  1. Treesinger / Spellsinger – A caster Kerillian, using magical staves of living wood. Could have a branchwraith vibe, with glowing wood-elf patterns.

  2. White Lion of Chrace – A tank class bringing a nice big lion pelt on your shoulder, with a great axe weapon.

  3. Witch Elf – Female melee specialist dark elves. I personally interpret the Shade Kerillian as being one of Alith Anar’s Shadow Warriors, or conceivably a Dark Elf turned to the light. Either way, Witch Elves are still true believers of Khaine, so it wouldn’t make much lore sense, but it would be sexy.

  4. Lothern Sea Guard – A nautical Kerillian, though probably too similar to Handmaiden.

  5. Sister of Avelorn – Also too close to Handmaiden. You could have a magical bow that fires crystalline arrows and doesn’t consume ammunition, though.

  6. Phoenix Guard – Another tank class, with a halberd this time. Unlikely because they are mute, so no voice acting. I’d rather have a White Lion.

And as a bonus, in case we get a fifth class in the future or in Vermintide 3…


  1. Ratcatcher / Sewerjack – A filthy, emaciated, low-class Kruber, wearing raggedy clothing and making a career of hunting Skaven in the sewers below Ubersreik.

  2. White Wolf Templar of Ulric – If Salty doesn’t make it, this could make sense for Kruber.

  3. Imperial Gunner – Alas, a ranged specialist is already covered in the Huntsman.

  4. Taal Fanatic – Naked like a flagellant, with swirling blue Woad Tattoos like a man of Albion, crazy braided hair with feathers, wearing a horned helm of Taal, and dual-wielding swords. Would resemble the Forsworn of Skyrim and be cool AF, but wouldn’t be lore friendly.

  5. Albion Hearthguard – Braveheart Kruber, with blue face paint and a love for Scotland and freedom!

If you've got your own ideas, I'd love to hear them!


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