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Potion Crafting:
I for one, wish we had more potions available in the game. So why not add randomized plants that grant herbs around the maps.
This would add some more depth to the game, a bit more reward for staying longer in the map and exploring more.
Potions could then be crafted with the herbs at the hub. Potions could be poisons for weapons, protective potion, invisibility potion and so on.

In the same way cooking could also be an interesting mechanic. Some chests, campfires and enemies drop food items. Vegetables, alcohol, meat etc. These can be combined into buffs, that works for one map run.
Some of these could be advantageous and others could have side effects or interesting challenges included.
Example: Combining honey with alcohol creates Mead, drinking it gives you a defensive bonus, but you move like a drunk. Or reduced ranged spread but sometimes your vision blurs.


Set Items & Synergy:
Gathering unique end game sets that equipped together, grants special bonuses or effects. Similar to Diablo 2 and The Division. Would help make end game more interesting.

Imagine having a war drum to draw aggro away from your team, throwing knives to kill enemies that have surrounded you or a toolbelt that adds more ammo or an extra bomb slot. Tools would add more strategy and more depth creating builds. These could both be passives or useables.

Please tell me your ideas and let's discuss.

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