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New CPU = New game

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I've had a few rants in here about how HORRIBLY untight the gameplay has felt for me. Even though playing at an almost constant 50+ fps (GeForce 1060 at medium-high-ish settings, the CPU-demanding stuff turned way down) the game still felt like it played at 20 and with 200 ping even though a friend I get something like 20 ping to is host.

There was a crapload of ghost hits, ghost parries, I got attacked by enemies that didn't even exist on my machine, sometimes I could successfully parry like 0.05 seconds before an enemy attack, and sometimes my parry still wouldn't count even if I did it 0.2 seconds in advance. There was also issues with attack range, where often an attack would hit me WAY beyond its "normal" reach, and it worked in the other direction too, where I either didn't hit stuff despite being well within attack range, or I hit it way outside of my attack range.

Suffice to say the game was very frustrating to play because it was more an exercise in bullshit and sheer luck than anything else.


Enter last week when part of my computer got fried by a lightning strike, so instead of 1:1 replacements I decided it's time to upgrade, so I replaced my old, overclocked i5-2500K CPU with a i5-8600K, and holy shit! The game suddenly is predictable! What I expect to occur does occur. Attacks, parries and dodges work like they should. I can read enemies and actually react appropriately without simply having to pray that I don't get mauled by bullshit.

A new CPU certainly alleviated A LOT of my problems with the game, but of course it also is with a CPU that many/most can't afford/justify to put into their computer (only CPU+mobo+memory was ca €550, and that doesn't include a cooler), and it's not like the i5-2500K is a terrible CPU by today's standards despite its age – at least when overclocked. I hope/wish that they can reduce the game's CPU-demands, because I think it currently does the game a great disservice. It makes the game appear like a really shoddy mess as people can play at good framerates and still the game feels like crap. Certainly not good for publicity and for retaining players/customers.

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