Warhammer: Vermintide

New Keep Banter

warhammer 9 - New Keep Banter

Found some new dialogue from Lohner when the party is waiting on someone to enter the bridge of shadows. There might be more dialogue if 2 or more members aren't in the bridge, but I don't have someone else to test this out with atm. I have screenshots too for proof. I'm a whore for V2 banter so pls share any sources you might find. Enjoy!


You're still here? Kruber's not ready? He'll be ready, or he'll be thirsty. Real thirsty.

Kruber, come on, move that mercenary arse of yours and get ready. No ale for you tonight if this keeps up.

Someone's not ready, and lo and behold, it's Kruber. What's your excuse this time? Another bad dream?

So, it's Kruber you're waiting for. Double time, Markus. Get your stuff together.


By Beatrice the Monumentally Cruel, hurry up Bardin! We're one hero short!… hehe… short…

What's holding you up? Oh, I see, Bardin again. Wish he was as quick getting ready as he is downing my ale.

Bardin, you're late. How in Ranald's name are the others gonna fare without your singing? That's right. Get ready.

Bardin! Bardiin!? Come on! You're gonna miss out on a good scrap? Get ready, chop-chop!



You go on and on about lumberfoots, Elf, but again it's you, and no one else, the others are waiting for.

Who's not ready yet? Kerillian? I bloody hope you're not making some stupid point again.

What's the matter elf? Don't tell me you're miraculously in a good mood, and don't want to go out and have the world spoil it for ya?

Everyone's ready except you, Kerillian. Most of us don't have an eternity to spend dragging their heels, ya know?


Saltzpyre! You're late, so get ready. Sigmar won't approve of tardiness and you know it.

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Saltzpyre, aren't you supposed to be the leader of this lot?

What? Saltzpyre's not ready? If he's having another of his personal chats with Sigmar, our good god better tell him to move his arse.

Saltzpyre, I imagine you to be a man who leads from the front, not some theatrical diva, making everybody wait.


Sienna! They're waiting for you! Hello? Deaf old biddy, can't hear anything with flames crackling around her ears.

So, everyone's ready except our dear Bright Wizard. Come on, lass, get ready. I know what you need.

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