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New mod that adds a zoom sensitivity slider or sensitivity by zoom ratio

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First, the mod for people that don't want to read much: 3
the second uses a slider that lets you make the zoom sensitivity higher/lower. How it works is somewhat complicated but basically 100% is vanilla, 133% is CS:GO, 178% is some other games like Destiny 2, and as you get closer to 0% it approaches the zoom ratio method but doesn't quite get there hence the first option.

I recommend the first option in general but the 2nd may be better if you want to match sensitivity to CS:GO or or just want a higher sensitivity than what zoom ratio provides. That's basically all you need to know, however if you want to know more about the math you can read this post, this post, or just keep reading here:


The second option works by scaling your sensitivity by a different fov aspect ratio. By default the game scales it with vertical FOV, so (vertFovZoom/vertFovHip). The slider changes the used aspect ratio, so 178% makes it use horizontal fov of a 16:9 screen or 133% makes it use horizontal of 4:3 like CS:GO. This matters because in case you didn't know, FOV isn't linear between vertical and horizontal, e.g. if you have 100 vertical FOV your horizontal won't be 100*16/9, it's ~129 from this equation.

So with this example say you had 100 vertical hipfire and 50 vertical zoom, this would mean 50% sensitivity when you zoomed in with default. However if you use 178% with the slider it becomes ~61% sensitivity.

If you have any questions go head and ask and I'll try to answer.

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