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New Pickaxe on Bardin

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In 1.0.5 they did a small buff to Pickaxe for Bardin. I wouldn't go as far to say that its better than 2h hammer, however I have been finding success with it on Slayer.

Its still a bit slow for IB and Vet Ranger, however with Slayer I've found it makes a pretty good horde clear and CC weapon. Slayer passive Attack speed + Career skill + swift slaying gives the Pickaxe comparable sweeping speed to the 2h hammer (under the same conditions) and arguably easier since you dont have to manage quing heavies properly (which Ill admit I mess up sometimes when you have max attack speed on slayer). You typically attack so quickly that even at the front of the horde a slave rat hit rarely makes its way through. I've been bringing it into legend runs and its been working out for me pretty well. Its heavy attack is very very situational, but still useful and can be fun to use if you can get the timing down.


I mainly started using it due to the fact that 2h hammer is definitely still better but can get a little boring after however many hundred back to back heavy sweeps. Found pickaxe to be a nice little mixup that, after the last buff, seems pretty viable and fun to use with the proper amount of attack speed.

Would recommend giving it a shot. Its still a tough slog on IB though. The difference between not having that attack speed is insane. It does seem like less cleave cc than 2h hammer, but perhaps more cleave damage? I haven't tested; anyone know for sure?

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