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new player – Tips about specific situations

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55 hours in, HP 380, played all subclasses except zealot, which I haven't unlocked. I play with 1-2 friends, and never in quickplay. Currently playing in champ difficulty.

I've some trouble during specific situations :

Chaos Spawn fights

This is the hardest boss when you don't have any stun and lack DPS, and maybe the easiest when you have both. You can't sidedodge his grab, only backdodge and bots gets consistently grabbed. His attacks are very fast and he can chase you like the ogre. If you don't have sufficient dps or a boss-killer in your team, you're dead.

What should I do that case ? (playing with 2 bots, without huntsman/shade) We always save bombs / ults that stun in case of a CS.

I feel like the chaos spawn should have a heal cap like the troll, or slower attacks.

Bosses in small rooms, particulary with an ambush/horde.

Every boss (except stormfiend) in small rooms are really hard to deal with and you can't always run away to the next large room.

Dodging the CS grab is even harder, the troll bile goes behind him when he face a wall that is too close, preventing anyone from hitting him while he's bullying someone, and the rat ogre stunlock you in a corner.

Again, what should I do if there isn't any large room nearby or if there's an ambush during the boss?

Out of sight Blightstormers.

This is a dumb all-or-nothing special. Sometimes he TPs in front of you and dies in one shot, sometimes he cast his spell from behind a wall then tp out at the other side of the map. This would be much better if they would stay visible as long as the spell is active.

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I imagine that there isn't any miracle solution about that apart try to snipe them asap.

The "AI director" (that's how it's called?)

Usually we play for 3-4 hours with some runs worse than others, overall the missions are kinda hard but fun which is great. This evening, trying to do Convocation of Decay on champ difficulty, there's multiple stormvermin in the first room, we engage them, a patrol arrives. This is already quite tough, but then there's an ambush, with on top of that two packmasters, a gutter runner, and a life leecher. Back to the Taal's Horn Keep.

Two missions later, doing Halescourge, towards the end of the mission, we take the third tome, and again the End Times arrives, the following spawns :

  • Horde with several Chaos warriors
  • Rattling
  • Packmaster
  • Globadier
  • Life leech
  • 2 Blightstormers

This was almost fun as both tornados did go through the chaos horde.

I tried a Veteran heroic deed with increased special spawns and we didn't encountered such situations.

Is this normal?

This is kinda frustrating and not very fun imo. It's kinda hard to take out specials during this absolute madness.

Off topic

Why do the Respawn speed property exist?

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