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New Weapon Concepts:

warhammer 7 - New Weapon Concepts:

Everyone is speculating on new careers, but these careers will come with weapons too (hopefully). I'd like to throw out some gameplay oriented suggestions that will open up new playstyles, rather than boring alternate attack patterns bretonianswordandshield


Rapier & Buckler

Saltzpyre gets a shield, but fear not, this will not function like a big clumbersome slab used by some unsophisticated ruffian, it will be a tool of finesse apropriate for a man of culture!

The Buckler does not have a shield slam, nor does it have a great push/block angle, this is a parrying shield. Essentially this is the Bretonian Longsword for Saltzpyre; holding heavy attack enters a riposte stance, after blocking an attack you can instantly unleash a very strong thrust.

This would synergise well with WHC's parry talent and passive, making for an interesting new playstyle.



Finally the mage can hit people with her staff! This will be CC oriented blunt weapon, light attacks alternate strikes from either end of the staff (like bo-staff fighting), heavy strikes are diagonal sweeps that allow for moderate CC but also allow for overheads.

The twist? Pressing alternate attack ignites both ends of the staff at the cost of heat. You can hold alternate attack to generate multiple stacks of this affect, like a reverse vent. (you should probably be able to vent with this weapon too)

Whilst aflame each strike of the staff sends out a burst of flame that essentially extends the reach of the weapon by a few feet, making this a pseudo-spear for Sienna. The flame scales in both damage and reach for each stack, and stacks decrease after each attack.


This would work great as an Unchained weapon, as igniting your staff would also strigger her increased melee damage.


Hand Cannon

Perhaps not lore friendly, but I want dwarven artillery represented in-game. This is a miniturised cannon, essentially a grenade launcher/tiny mortar. This weapon is unque in that it uses both ammo and heat, and it will generate a LOT of heat per shot; meaning that even if you can generate lots of ammo through talents and traits there are still strict limitations on its use.

This should be the undisputed most powerful ranged weapon in the game in terms of raw firepower. Its ballancing factor is a low fire rate, harsh ammo inefficiency and inprecision at range.

This could interact with Ironbreakers Drakefire talants, but also function as the heart of a crazy ranger build.


Whip & Dagger

As seen on Sisters of Slaughter! A complex weapon that would require learning your combos to land the whip and the dagger in the right succession- The whip would have near zero stagger and low direct damage, but would have great range and powerful bleed. The dagger would have stabs with a huge headshot multiplier, but at minimal range.

This would have a weird multitasker quality where you would aim to apply bleed on large numbers of trash enemies whilst also trying to land high-impact headshots on closer important targets.

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