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New Weapon Idea – Kruber

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There are no new weapons included in the upcoming DLC, but I think there is still some potential for expanding the arsenal of the bloody Ubersreik 5 or 4. I put together a general outline of a new weapon for each hero. For each weapon I imagined in broad strokes its defensive stats, strengths/weaknesses, and move set. I also improvise and little lore and explain the niche I see it filling in that hero's weapons roster.

First a short note on dodge distance, I regarded everything on a scale of High to Low. High reaches about the same distance as dual daggers or axes, and low reaches about the same distance of shield weapons.

This first post starts with ol' Kruber.

Kruber – Empire Spear

A weapon for empire state troops fighting in the front line. The spear's long reach keeps enemies at a comfortable distance. This weapon brings high single target damage and strong defensive capabilities, but suffers at quickly killing many foes.

Defensive Stats

  • 4 Stamina shields
  • 180° block arc
  • Medium dodge distance


  • High damage versus monsters
  • Single target damage
  • Far reach


  • Armored targets
  • Damage cleave

Move Set

Light attacks

  1. Straight stab – High headshot damage
  2. Straight stab – High headshot damage
  3. Diagonal slash – similar angle to halberd, low cleave

Heavy attacks

  1. Straight stab – moderate armor piercing, high headshot damage
  2. Flat slash – low armor piercing, moderate cleave and stagger


  1. Swing blunt end of the spear knocking down infantry – low damage, high cleave

For this weapon I generally imagined it working similarly to the halberd, but trading armor piercing and wave clear for better defensive stats and boss damage. It also gets a unique move in the pushstab, which I imagine knocking down infantry as the 2 handed hammer heavy attack doesIn theory this weapon can still work as a crowd control weapon by alternating pushstabs and heavy attacks. Leading with the pushtab skips the heavy stab, so the player can follow up with a heavy flat slash. High base stamina allows the player to string this combo for a fair amount of time, but it could go indefinitely with high stamina recovery on the trinket or the Build Momentum talent on Foot Knight.

More to come later!

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