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New Weapons Suggestions.

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Now that the DLC is out i feel i should post this in hopes of some new weapons being added in the next DLC or an update just because we all like some new variety on the classes we play most.

I repost this list everyonce in a while with a compilation of weapons the heros could possibly use in the future seeing as fatshark said they are running out of wepon ideas heres a bunch of new weapons that are in the warhammer fantasy lore and make at least some sense.

Feel free to add to this list in the comments.

Markus Kruber:



Spear and Shield

Free company cutlass and pistol


Pistoleer pistols


Outrider grenade launcher

Bardin Goriksson:


-Doomseeker axes (slayers use axes on chains bit like a flail)

-Doomseeker great axe


-doomseeker example.

-Rune sword (i know they don't really use swords much but they do sometimes)

-Rune sword and shield


-Trollhammer torpedo

-Mining blast charges

-throwing axes (could be a melee weapon or ranged)/


-example of throwing axes, i used the unit card from totalwar warhammer as i could not find a picture of them in game or as a model.




-Eternal Guard spear and shield

-Driach (like a claymore)

-Asrai wardancer spear (double tipped spear)

-Single dagger

-some poison weapons like a hagbane dagger or sword

-sister of slaughter whip and bladed shield


Swift shiver arrows (are incredibly fast and magical possible shotgun effect from multiple arrows)

-Starfire arrows which do fire damage OR

-Moonfire arrows also do fire damage (but are somehow different to starfire i think they did damage to good guys instea of chaos like the starfire did)

Read:  What loadouts would you bring for a Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Double Elite Health + Damage) + The Vanguard (Ambients replaced with Elites) deed?

-Sisters of Avalorn Bow (arrows and bow made of flames so possibly an overcharge weapon)

-darkshard hand-crossbows

Also hagbane should be waystalker only really.

Victor Saltzpyre:


-Two handed flail

-example of 2 handed flail

-Duel wielding maces

-Battle priest Hammer

-Duel wielding flails


-Pistol crossbows

-slug shotgun



-Fire Flail

-Flaming great sword

-fire spear

-a fencing sword e.g. a foil, epee, rapier or sabre seeing as sienna is estalian and they have all there musketeer-esque soldiers

-a flame whip or chain as literally evryone asks for it not sure if its a thing but oh well.


this area is purely speculation as i have no clue what the staffs would be like

-AoE fire blast staff (sends like a fire wind spell like in total war warhammer)

-Flame scatter staff (like a fire shotgun)

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