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Nine things most good groups do in Legendary.

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Hi guys, I see a lot of groups running legend fail and some succeed, so I wanted to share some observations about what group traits tend to lead to success. I am by no means an expert in every aspect yet, but I've put about 260 hours into the game, about half of those on legend, and there's nine things I've seen most successful groups do. You can limp through and succeed at Legend without doing these, but the run will probably not be smooth.

  1. Move as a group, and communicate if not: This one's basic but you wouldn't believe how many times I see someone go off and get pounced. If you're going into that one corner to grab a health pot and it's putting you away from the group, tell your team so they aren't all jumping down the ledge. Buddy up with at least one other person if you can.
  2. Share stagger/cleave: People forget that their push does 360 degrees knockback. Standing next to an ally and pushing, even if you are not attacking, helps them out monumentally. (Obviously attack too, but yeah.) This is particularly useful in ambushes. On a related note…
  3. Recognize that ambushes are not hordes: Sure both have rats coming at you, but they behave differently and have different tells. A skaven ambush is generally preceded by whispering and muttering, followed by a Banzai yell as they charge at you. This comes at you from all sides and almost always requires immediate MELEE response to not take damage. (Looking at you shotgun beamstaff Sienna) Good groups tend to group up for the first charge and then move together to a better location or push their melee bubble out slightly to give special clear space to work. Hordes are preceded by the bell and usually give time and space to clear them at range.
  4. Maneuver to lower the angles of attack: If rats are coming at you from three sides good groups find a way to make it two if possible. In convocation of decay after you leave the tunnel system enemies can come from behind, from the tunnel, climb up over the ravine fence, and run on the boardwalk. Stay far enough away from the tunnel exit and that side merges into one, stay far enough back from the fence climb and that side merges into one.
  5. Trust each other to clear a side and communicate: Depending on the positioning and the horde, most can be handled by two heroes looking at one side and two looking at the other. The good groups I've had kept this formation, sometimes shifting to 1×3. Sometimes people try to be helpful and turn to help the other group, and then take half their health in damage from the mob that snuck up behind them, or get engaged in melee because they weren't clearing their side. Trust your group if the positioning is good. (An example is the arena fight in righteous stand, two players can easily keep a side clear, with a melee taking out anything close on each side and a ranged clearing out farther spawns and specials. If they do this well they actually have the leisure to help the other side if needed, but too many groups "help" the other side when they have cleared theirs, only to turn around and find a bunch of rats in their face that they have to melee. There goes space for special clearing and ranged thinning.)
  6. Practice fire discipline: If something will die within a second, and you risk friendly fire by shooting it, don't. Seriously, you don't have to use your ranged weapon, even if you're Kerillian, or Sienna. Pointless friendly fire is bad. On the flipside…
  7. Be aware of fire lines: If you are meleeing, think about your ranged. Can they help you shoot this trio of armored stormvermin or are you in their way? Give them some space to work with, few things are as annoying as being a sniper and having an ally constantly running into all your precisely lined up headshots.
  8. Avoid extended stays on line of sight blockers: Sometimes ramps and corners are nice chokepoints. People like them for a reason, but they work both ways. Always think to yourself, "If a hookrat grabbed me how long does my team have to react before I'm gone." (An example of this is the second half of into the nest as you enter the warren. There's a 90 degree turn right down a ramp and I can't count the number of times I've seen someone standing at the top of it trying to kill some specials, gets hooked and is gone, while the team can't follow because of a flamethrower, etc…) The best groups give a little space to counteract this. Either push through ramps/corners quickly, or back up so there's some time to react if something spawns. (The cave in Bracksenbruke is another example. It's a great choke but if you stand too close to the corner and a hook rat comes you're probably a goner.)
  9. Don't pull patrols without thinking: If you pull a patrol you need space to work with or bombs. Sometimes it's the right call to get it out of the way, but cmon, don't do it automatically.
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Groups that do these things can still fail, but 90% of the time I've seen a legend group fail to anything but a boss combo it's because they were messing one of these things up. That and globadiers, screw those guys. Hopefully any new people to legend found this helpful and maybe even some veterans.

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