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Notable enemy quotes?

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I really enjoy the voice work done with the enemies in this game. The fire-rat is hilarious, as are most of the Skaven quotes.

One enemy I try to listen to is the Chaos Warrior, because if you pay attention, he calls out whoever he is about to smash into a fine paste. I've been curious about a full list of what he says, as well as other specials in the game.

Examples of CW quotes:

  • "I will end you Elf hag!"
  • "Southlander, I come for you!" (Kruber)
  • "Come, feed the swarm!"
  • "Pitiful, like all Southlanders."

Fire Rat has some spicy ones:

  • "GREEN FLAME!" (often said as he spawns)
  • "Scream-suffer surface dwellers, hahahahaha"
  • "Bur-bur-burn, AAHH!" (I think this is what he says when he fires).
  • And of course incomprehensible screaming

I can't recall more than one Stormvermin quotes.

  • "No-no! They're not supposed to be here, get them!"

The Leech used to be a lot more audible in beta, but only now if you've been SUCCed:

  • "Your vision is clouded by false, and impotent gods."
  • "Father, bring them to us."
  • "Open your eyes!" (When he has you)
  • "No more fear, no more pain. The Rot Father calls you."

And of course the Blightstormer. Think we all know to listen for him at this point:

  • "Rumpty tum, delightful! Boil your blood and in you go!"
  • "Buboes, phlegm, blood and guts! Boils, bogeys, rot and pus! Blisters, fevers, weeping sores! From your wounds the fester pours!" (Nurgle chant from the codex).
  • "ONE MOMENT!" (teleports away)
  • "Now you see me–" (teleports)
  • "Wriggle and scream! Nibble the finger, and taste the cream!"
  • "A kiss of contagion, on your cheek! Generous gifts to you, enhance your physique!"

Any other ones stand out? These are all I can recall from recent memory.

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