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Observations from a very drunk slayer…IE, a list of “would you kindly…”

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Slayer bardin is perhaps the hero and career most naturally suited to team players, which is odd given how dps focussed he is (normally healers/tanks tend to be team players). I play Slayer almost exclusively now and here are some tips and observations I have for everyone else, which I hope will be taken with the best intentions.

  1. Don't rush ahead, ever. For some reason Elf players tend to do this the most. It might be because Kerillian is good at any range and can oneshot specials easily but to be honest everyone does it, except Slayers. Up to champion it might be fine to rush off hungry for kills but at Legend it's a death sentence. Please stay together.

  2. Following on from this, and I learned this the most when I played Ironbreaker, don't leave the person/person's defending the rear during a hoard, or at all. It's something I see even more than one person rushing off is two…the ones holding the front. They clear their foes and don't even look behind them before moving forward. Doesn't matter if behind them the hoard if still coming or specials have spawned or armoured at wading in…off they trot for chests and whatever horrors await behind the next bend. Please do not do this.

  3. Form up on Hoards or groups of armoured foes. You should be close enough your weapon swings are covering at least one other person in your group. It doesn't matter if you have a flame thrower or another weapon that can wreck a whole group…don't chase after them or leave your group. All it takes is one pack master/gutter running and you are suddenly a serious liability for your team, who now need to rescue you inside a hoard because you are out of reach of a melee swing. Please do not.

  4. Mark everything that can be marked. Not just bosses or specials but every armoured/powerful foe you can. They all have heavy attacks which suck and if you see one and don't mark it and it strikes from inside a group, it might miss you but it'll hit your ally who may have missed it dealing with other adds. Please mark everything, even lowly SV without shields who are to Slayer Bardin about as dangerous as a baby Skaven.

  5. Don't shoot at enemies in the distance who are not aggro. As a Slayer I can't do this and so I notice it more, sorry to say especially with Elf and Sienna players. You never know what is around the corner and every enemy you shoot could bring with it a chaos warrior you now have to contend with..and oh, what is that noise…a hoard call. Please do not.

I am sure to many of you all of this is obvious and part of your routine in Legend, but I just died in a Legend game because my team, who had been decent to that point broke rule 5 and 3 and I was left fighting everything trying to get them back up using leap to reach them because they'd gone swing mad and left the group.

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