Warhammer: Vermintide

Okay, boss walls are still BS.

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Just ran a legend game on The Blightreaver or whatever the 2nd DLC mission is called and we decided to do both the darkness challenges in one (don't pick up any torches or light any braziers, it's actually pretty fun I'd recommend everyone try it, but bring a conflag staff Sienna since that will be your only light source for a majority).

Anyway that went fine and so did most of the mission up until the end outside the temple where you need to find the father. A chaos spawn and a horde spawned and 1 by 1 my teammates died until it was just me, so I kited it and the enemies around, slowly picking them off and finding the key to proceed to the next objective and get my teammates up. But nope, there was a boss wall right at the entrance to the temple and my teammates were inside so I had to solo the spawn by slowly whittling it down with charged attacks in between dodges, but I was ironbreaker, if I had been playing certain other careers or if the game decided to be even more of a d*ck and spawn disablers I would probably be dead.


What the hell? I thought Fatshark said that players would no longer spawn past the boss wall and I thought all the people defending the change to boss walls said this would only negatively affect people speedrunning for loot and not people just trying to play the game. Well that's clearly not the case.

Boss walls are a pretty terrible mechanic and they either need to be removed completely or changed to prevent this BS. Why not just put them at the very end of the level if it really matters that much that people aren't playing the game as intended and are getting their precious peasants boxes?

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