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Okri lacks an important aspect of Quests and Contracts

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So we've got Okri's Challenges now. Rewards for hitting certain milestones and for daily quests. That's great, and it's exciting to see the game continue to grow.

That being said, the V1 quest and contracts board, and to a lesser extent daily quests in other games where I pay attention to them, have an aspect that is entirely absent in Okri's Challenges, and it is an aspect that I think is crucial to many people's appreciation for them. In short, it is reliability.

In V1 I can pick a quest that will get me a thing I want and haven't gotten yet, and then I can steadily progress towards that goal. So long as I can beat missions on easy, I can eventually definitely get that thing. That thing may be far better than the equipment I will ever get by playing easy, and that may let me break out of playing easy(or any other difficulty I feel stuck on). Or, if I am a more skilled player who is already playing as high as I want to, seeing a quest pop up for an item missing from my collection will definitely get me that item. My skill level affects how fast I can get things, but the rewards are dependable. Once you see that red brace of pistols and lock it in, it's only a matter of time.

In many other games daily quests get you a currency that you can spend to buy specific things, so you can pick your own chase objective and it has a similar effect.


Okri's board has this aspect only for a limited number of cosmetics attached to one-time achievement type challenges. The daily quests are only for loot chests, as far as I can see. Getting additional loot chests is better than getting nothing, and guaranteed emps chests is a definite boon. But it's still tied into the item power trickle-feed, and it's still rng. You'll never ever see a red glaive pop up in the daily Q&C post on reddit and rush to fire up Vermintide, and keep coming back for the next week because you really want that and you know you're going to get it if you just put in a little more time.

No, instead it's another loot chest full of stuff you're probably just going to melt down and an incremental bump to your HP if you're not already maxed. That'll be there tomorrow, too. Or the next day. It's not exciting or motivating, not to me at least.

Again, I want to emphasize that I like vermin2 in general. There are things I'd change, and things I love. In this particular way though FS seems to keep missing the mark in the same way, between Okri's and Deeds, so I felt like speaking up.

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