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On Legend difficulty discrepancy

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So I know that to the avid reader of this sub, all of this won't come as a surprise or as news, but I feel like beating a dead horse once in a while. Also, this is not intended as whining about how Legend is too hard or something so keep your jimmies unrustled 🙂

So after playing on Champion for longer than I probably needed too I finally made the jump to legend about 2 weeks ago. I waited a long time because in VT1 I was never able to consistently run Cataclysm with books and I just felt ill prepared for the infamous difficulty spikes.

Granted, there were some embarassing failures initially and I still sometimes wipe due to bad calls or stupid mistakes I made that jeopardized the entire party. Or to the occasional superdense horde. But with a decent team I'm able to pretty consistently do full book runs now.

Or so I thought.

I usually join other people, and if quickplay decides to make me host I immediately cancel and queue up again. My internet connection can be unreliable and I don't want people to lag or lose all progress right before the end because it spazzes out. Late at night it's usually good enough to host though, and since QP didn't want to put me in other peoples lobbies I said fu*k it and made my own lobby with blackjack and hookers.

Or so I thought.

First match I pretty quickly noticed an unusually large amount of ambient CW, as well as a LOT of specials spawning in short intervalls and a bunch at a time. Nothing to write home about in and of itself, this kinda stuff just happens sometimes. So after wiping because someone pulled a patrol and then three of us got pounced by disablers simultaneously we jumped into the next match. Same thing. Chaos warriors everywhere, backed up by a near constant stream of specials. And it went on like that in subsequent matches.


I mean I've read about CPU power or whatever having a lot of influence on spawn rates, but it didn't expect it to be this bad. When I play Empire in Flames in someone elses game we usually get to the gate with the two scripted CW with minimal ambient mobs in between. In my game we saw more ambient CW on that short stretch than I often see in an entire match hosted by someone else, backed up by 4 or 5 specials. I've gone quite some matches without seeing a single Chaos Warrior except for scripted ones, and in my games I sometimes see more CW than I see Stormvermin in other peoples games. Seems pretty insane to me.

And the dumb thing is, my PC is decent but it's not that good. So is everyone else running this game on a toaster? Are they using those worker thread workarounds? Am I just having an insane streak of bad luck so consistent that it seems actually consistent consistent?

In any case, this can't possibly be intended. Legend can range from a walk in the park (some matches I've played have been downright boring, and not because I got carried or something) to something that actually deserves the name Legend. Or Cataclysm, I still like the old difficulty names better.

Edit: Something I just remembered is that if I'm host hordes seem to spawn more frequently but are a lot less dense and last shorter. Also weird.

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