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On the EAC “issue” – EAC is not causing whatever FPS drops you are experiencing, or else the problem would be universal – it isn’t.

chivalry banner cu2p1 1024x576 - On the EAC "issue" - EAC is not causing whatever FPS drops you are experiencing, or else the problem would be universal - it isn't.

EAC has been on in Vermintide 2 since release. In 1.051 Fatshark turned on the File Integrity Check portion of the program, likely because they collected data that cheaters were modifying files to work around the rest of the program. This wouldn't have any effect on your FPS.

But cheaters have since then mounted a social engineering campaign to build up hysteria and sentiment to trick the community into calling for EAC to be deactivated entirely. This is pretty common behavior among cheaters.

First, don't expect Fatshark to comment extensively on this issue, because EAC, easy anti-cheat, isn't their program and they are certainly under various NDAs. And also because the more information they make public the easier it is for cheaters to find new workarounds.

Personally I haven't experienced any cheaters in game after hundreds of hours played, and this is a good sign that EAC is doing its job.

Now you may think that EAC is unnecessary in a coop pve game, but the alternative will be the risk that a cheater joins your game and ruins your run by spawning infinite Chaos Spawns or lags everyone out or any other possible shenanigans. This potential for bad behavior goes far beyond cheaters simply giving themselves all the veteran items or making themselves invincible or what not.

Again, EAC itself does not use so much system resources as to add any significant performance drops in your game. If you are experiencing problems that only started recently it is certainly related to other issues in the game's code/graphics that Fatshark will fix eventually.

I personally haven't experienced any performance issues lately, and if you have been and you are sure you haven't done anything else to your system, I recommend the following:

  1. Use Steam to verify integrity of game files

  2. Turn off Depth of Field and Vsync in graphics settings. If you are using TAA antialiasing, switch to FXAA or none.

  3. Set Max Stacking Frames to 1 in graphics settings.

  4. Reduce Max Shadow Casting Lights and other shadow/fog settings until your FPS improves to what you desire

  5. Verify your graphics drivers are up to date and if problems still persist do a clean install of your graphics drivers. Guru3d has a great program to clean your drivers before you reinstall the latest version.

  6. Reinstall your game onto an SSD if you are running it on an HDD and experiencing very long load times. An SSD is already one of the best investments you can make for gaming and you should definitely look into getting one if you don't already have one.

  7. Don't run V2 with Netflix or video programs running simultaneously

You don't have to just take my word for it that EAC isn't causing whatever problems you may be experiencing. You can hit ctrl-alt-delete and open up Task Manager and look for "EasyAntiCheat Service" to verify for yourself that the program uses MINIMAL resources, like the program takes up 1.8 mb of memory, doesn't even register on CPU/GPU load, etc.

I'm not saying that everyone reporting FPS/loading problems is lying, but I personally haven't experienced any such issues, and I've outlined the changes you can make to your settings and computer to help improve performance until Fatshark finds and fixes whatever it is that is causing your specific problems.

But please, all, don't fall for this social engineering program of the cheaters, EAC isn't ruining your performance, so please calm down and stop buying into the hysteria to have it removed. V1 largely avoided a cheaters problem because it was a rather obscure game not many people played, but V2 has surpassed 1 million players and as such has attracted bad actors who will no doubt downvote this post and hurl insults at me and try to inflame sentiment in replies here. But again, you can verify all this for yourself in Task Manager, EAC isn't hogging your system's resources, it isn't causing huge FPS drops or loading times.

It is pretty common with a lot of big games that every time there's any patch some people start looking for changes in performance and complain that the patch broke their game. Sometimes they are right, the devs missed a bug relating to a few settings or system configs and work on fixing it, but a lot of times it is a big nothingburger, or the people complaining messed up their system some other way, or it is a problem with a random Windows update or a problem with drivers, stuff that is outside of Fatshark's control.

I'm not having problems. The dozens of players on my friends list aren't having problems. I'm running a 1080TI and an Intel 7700k on a SSD.

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