Warhammer: Vermintide

One of the greatest Vermintide experiences I have ever had

warhammer 8 - One of the greatest Vermintide experiences I have ever had

I found myself playing with some Koreans at 4 in the morning. Understandably my ping wasn't amazing with the host so I rolled IB so I wouldn't be a complete hindrance to the team. We played a couple of games of cata and I didn't perform very well, but since i was IB i was able to keep up.

One of the players, lets call him Kimchi, started nagging on me about being a squishy IB. I was a little annoyed since i was clearly lagging but I let it slide and just made some jokes and small talk. Next map, he starts shooting me on purpose with hagbane. I was annoyed but i didn't retaliate since I was running drake gun and if I did fight back I would definitely lose. Anyway we lost that map.

Back in the keep I equip drakefire pistols just in case this guy wants to keep being a dick. He switches to BH and I see he has Natural Bond. I see this as an opportunity. Next map, Into the Nest, game starts and I started blasting. Got him down to 3/4 HP. He threatens to kick me (he isn't the host). I tell him that its all in good fun and we continue with the game.

We get to the part where you drop down to the ramshackle Skaven area and a Chaos spawn appears. A horde spawns a few seconds later and after a tough fight we survive. I'm at 1/4 hp and Kimchi starts pelting me with crossbow bolts. I go down, the others help me up and Kimchi runs ahead jumping around like he's the bees knees. Suddenly he just drops dead. The fucker triggered the insta kill bug. We all laugh our asses off and press on. All the while Kimchi is quiet as a mouse.


We make it to the Boss, full health, everyone with medkits and potions, things are looking good. Bossfight starts and I notice Kimchi isn't doing anything, guy didn't even ult the boss. The adds start to spawn and I ult. Then it happens. Motherfucker starts shooting at me. I get behind the big pillar and start bashing the adds for thp. Kimchi gets chased by a couple of stormvermin so he dodges around while I go down. Kruber gets me back up.

At this point I'm pissed so I break out my drakefires and burn his ass to the ground. He goes down, kerillian picks him up and he dies to the adds. We continue with the bossfight. Kimchi respawns. Kruber picks him up and the fucker starts shooting me again. We spend the next few minutes dancing between stormvermin and the boss, shooting at eachother. He goes down again. He respawns, gets picked up, we fight some more, this time I go down. When I respawn I figure that's enough, we can kill the boss now but kimchi keeps shooting. Guy doesn't know when to quit, I delete him while hes surrounded by stormvermin.

The boss is down to 20% kimchi respawns, I pick him up, he comes to his senses and we beat the boss. Afterwards it felt like when 2 guys get in a fist fight and come out friends in the end. Everything was cool.

I fully expected to wipe that match. I realized then that we just beat Into the Nest on Cataclysm while 2 players were killing each other.

I love this game.

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