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Opinion/Rant: Majority of Legend players have bad habits, and don’t want to correct them.

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I think that the vast amount of players who play on Legend, willingly or not, depend too much on their own their teammate's combat skill to survive and complete the levels, instead of teamwork and strategy.
From small thinks like player A grabbing a tome, not letting player B (who has a healing potion) get it, so player C (on gray, holding a grim), can heal, to pushing too much forward during a horde, exposing flanks and taking more damage than needed, up to just straight up not hugging walls during the horde and defending in the middle of open area, all those are habits that I suspect are picked in lower difficulties, where those are forgiven by the sheer damage and temporary health gained.
And the worst part? The people I met in Quick Play don't mind those, even if they get downed or captured because of them. If I point out how could we do better, the responses range to not having a reply, through acknowledging, and to most frustrating, But we are fine, see? , or Doesn't matter, Saltzpyre is killing them all anyway.
This attitude can only carry a player so far, at which point, without good enough teammates, they will just die, and are likely to blame the team, or the 'unlucky patrol/boss/special' that could be prevented with proper care.


Have you had similar experience with random players? Do you think it is an issue?

EDIT: And let's not forget people who watch our backs for 10 seconds, then get bored and join the frontline fun, only for the whole team to get overwhelmed by another wave coming from the back 5 seconds later.

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