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Optimal Properties, Traits & Talents guide (Grail Knight update)

warhammer 6 - Optimal Properties, Traits & Talents guide (Grail Knight update)

The venerable
?id=1435182282 - Optimal Properties, Traits & Talents guide (Grail Knight update)

Optimal Properties, Traits & Talents guide has been updated to include the Grail Knight.

This comprehensive guide covers every weapon, trinket and talent. It is not a guide to a single build. It is a guide to all the builds. Pick the career and weapons you want to use, then use the guide to determine how those weapons should be rolled and what talents best support them.

Property and Trait recommendations are organized into easy to reference tables. So you can quickly get the information you want. Talents for each character are shown in a section after their weapons. What weapons you use will determine which Talents are best. The weapon sections list the Stagger and Temp Health talents that work best for each weapon.

Grail Knight

(The guide lists the level 5 and 15 talents in the melee weapon section, because your choice of melee weapon dictates your talent choice for those levels.)

LevelLeft ColumnCenter ColumnRight Column
10Power from killsCrits instantly killHeavy attack do more damage
20Additional questGreater quest rewardsStrength potion from kills
25Regen hpPower from timed blocksPush arc & Stamina regen
30Double ultMove speed after ultSweeping ult

Level 10:

Virtue: Knightly Temper (Crits instantly kill) outclasses the other options at this level because it helps in the following three situations:

  1. It allows your ult (which always crits) to kill Rothelms.
  2. When fighting commons, crits will kill the first 2-3 targets (depending on the weapon).
  3. When fighting elites, crits will save you the follow up attacks you normally need.

Virtue: Ideal (Power from kills) in theory helps when fighting commons. Some 3 or 4 hit kills could become 2 or 3 hit kills, depending on stagger levels, Bulwark, cleave damage, and teammate damage. Knightly Temper gives you a 15% chance to instantly kill 3 commons, saving yourself 9 attacks.


Virtue: Heroism (Heavy attacks do more damage) in theory helps weapons like the Executioner's Sword, 1h Mace, and Mace & Sword. But with Smiter and Knight's Challenge (more damage to the first target hit) there aren't any meaningful new breakpoints this talent reaches. You'll get more out of ensuring a random crit finishes the elite in a single strike.

Level 20:

Having more quests ensures you'll start getting a benefit sooner in the map. If there is a specific boon you want, the extra quest makes it more likely you'll get it.

The repeatable Strength potion option can help generate a few extra potions over the course of the map. This can be helpful if you want some insurance against a large group of elites or other crisis situation.

Level 25:

Regen hp after taking damage provides you extra hp when you need it, like crisis situations where you've taken damage. It also helps in extended fights against hordes or when a special grabs you.

Level 30:

Sweeping ult makes it easier for you to clear groups of elites mixed in with commons. Double ult in theory provides more boss damage, but not in a way that is useful. When fighting bosses, your goal is to kill everything else and then fight them alone. When bosses are alone, the extra boss damage is superfluous. When bosses have support, Sweeping ult makes it easier to kill everything else.

Want more? Check out the full guide!

This is just the section on Grail Knight's talents. There is even more, including a methodology section in the full guide. If you are interested in other characters or careers you can find out about them in the guide. The guide is comprehensive. But it is written so that you do not need to read all of it. You can jump to the parts you care about and ignore the parts you don't!

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