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Optimising bots for Legendary

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Having had some fun with pseudo-solo-play (1 player, 3 bots), I thought that perhaps someone might be interested in trying the same. It's quite a relaxing run, as the bots obey your whims and give you bombs and potions whenever they can, making for a nice sight-seeing-and-slaughter tour.

One thing to know about bots: They scale with the hero-power of the host, but also take on the classes, gear-properties and talents he/she puts on his characters, meaning that in order to make them even remotely useful in legend it is highly recommended to level at least Sienna, Bardin, Kerillian and Markus to level 25. Saltzpyre bot seems to exist somewhere in the files, but he is barred for us casual players.

Now on to the setup:

Player-Character: Self-sufficient classes like Saltzpyre Zealot and Sienna Unchained work best, with Zealot yielding my highest win-rate so far as he can do quite anything from killing armored units to dealing with bosses when equipped with a crossbow or volley bow. The powerful self-heal is key to success, allowing you to dish out whatever healing you can to your bots. 30% increased self-heal on necklace is very helpful, as it also increases the grey health gain.

Kerillian Bot: Waystalker with Spear and Longbow. Parry on Spear is very helpful just to have her as a semi-useful beatstick in a pinch, as bots are pretty inept against armored units anyhow. The bot will rarely use the bow except to take out ratling gunners that focus the player, otherwise she will really only ever use her trueflight volley against specials, which gives her some use. For talents: 12121

And yes, I tried using Glaive on her. While it wasn't that bad and she definitely managed to dish out respectable damage against bosses, it lowered her survivability as its wide swings make for painful openings on such a squishy character.


Sienna bot: Pyromancer with Sword and Beamstaff, though staff matters rather little as she rarely uses it. Probably the least useful of all bots, she will insist on pretending to be a melee character, her only real use derived from putting Parry on the sword so as to allow her to hold out a little longer. The reason I don't just make her Unchained is because her Burning Head ability at least has some use, as she will liberally apply it to various specials with great success. For talents: 21223.

She won't be using her staff much, as such talents for lower overcharge are wasted and you might as well try to make her semi-useful in melee. For the player's uses, she is really just a Burning Head ejector.

Markus Bot: Mercenary. Probably the most useful of all bots, mostly just because his powerful support-abilities empower the Player, though his weaponry gives him great utility against hordes, bosses, specials and armor alike. Avoid giving him a halberd, he will barely be able to use it and die quite quickly. Give him an Executioner Sword with Swift Slaying, Attack Speed and Crit, then a Handgun. He will mow down hordes with the sword while one-shotting specials with his boomstick like the glorious bastard he is. For talents: 21321

Bardin Bot: Ironbreaker. The bot I use the least as Player-Saltzpyre replaces him. Hammers, both 1- and 2-handed varieties work, but I found Warpick to function best on him the same way it does for Markus's Executioner's Sword. Handgun also functions well on him. He will mostly just be a beatstick, put Parry or Swiftslaying on him, Parry will likely work better though. For talents: 21323

For tomes and grims: The bots will happily pick up tomes, but ignore grims. They will always prioritize healing-items over tomes, as such it is suggested to quickly use up healing items before the bots pick them up if you want them to carry tomes. Without an additional player, you won't be able to bring back both grims, but I regularly manage 3t1g runs with bots at least, though sometimes the loss of a tome is inevitable when there is no way to use up healing fast enough.

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