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Outcast Engineer Feedback

warhammer 8 - Outcast Engineer Feedback

I love the new career! It's a lot of fun! I do have some criticisms after playing a couple games (solo) with it. Sorry mods, I didn't see a dedicated feedback thread so forgive me if this isn't the right place. (Perhaps other people can add their feedback in the commen

  • He has a talent that says stacks of pressure will not be removed upon reaching full charge or firing the Crank Gun. The stacks don't go away when firing, but they vanish as soon as the Ability Bar is full. Intended or not? If intended, what does it mean by "Full Charge" then?

  • The Masterwork Pistol's reload is awkward. You're not done reloading when he puts the magazine in. You're done reloading ONLY once Bardin puts his offhand on the grip. That's it. He doesn't cock it or do anything. You just aren't done reloading until he gets a comfortable grip, I guess. I don't have a problem with the reload speed, I just have a problem with the animation not really conveying when it's done and forcing me to watch the number change in the corner rather than focusing on what's in front of me. If i want to watch UI elements instead of the game itself, I'll go heal in World of Warcraft. 😉

  • Bardin's dialogue upon firing the Crank Gun is so muted you can't hear it. It would be nice to hear it since it can serve as a great warning to allies, but as it stands its exceptionally quiet, to the point I didn't even know he had a call out until I saw the subtitles on the fourth time activating it. (This is also a problem with dialogue as a whole, as often dialogue is too muted to hear normally, and there's no slider in options for dialogue volume)

  • (Unrelated, but exacerbated by Engineer Bardin): Bots keep running in front of you, even if you're firing full auto. Can we PLEASE adjust the bots to not do this, at least not while Bardin has the Crank Gun out? Players should know better, but the bots will always, ALWAYS place themselves between the player and enemies and its really annoying on this career especially since you don't have any accuracy while firing the Crank Gun. If you move to adjust your aim and not hit anyone, the bots move to always be in front of you. (EDIT) And now that the Bot Improvements mod is unsanctioned, we don't even have a means of fixing this ourselves. I understand your reasoning for having subpar bot AI, but the bots should at least not actively hinder your ability to succeed.

  • (EDIT) Pressing Right Click to ADS with the Crank Gun while you are already at Full Auto sometimes causes the game to crash.

  • (EDIT) If you pop a purple pot and start firing the Crank Gun, all you will hear over the sound of your barrels firing is SHWINGSHWINGSHWINGSHWING as your bar continuously fills faster than you can spend it. Can we get like, a removal of this sound effect JUST for the crank gun while a Concentration Potion is active? Just kind of a mild annoyance but it makes hearing other sound effects more difficult.

Outside of that, really loving the career thus far. I like the Grenadier talent, great for chunking a patrol then burning the remnants. Going full auto into a horde is satisfying as heck! The Cog Hammer is nuts, I don't know how the "meta" will shift, but I really like it's versatility. The sounds for everything are satisfying to hear, and really add weight to his weapons. Thanks FatShark! :3

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