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Heroes Version addresses some of the current issues that arose from patch 1.0.8. We are rolling back some of the inadvertent changes which came out of that patch.

Shade Kerillian was broken during the 1.0.8 beta. The numbers she put out with the Glaive were far too high – this was due to her damage being uncapped against some Bosses and Lords. We wanted to make changes to the damage system in the way we synchronize damage from attacks between players. At the same time, we were making fixes to Shade’s ““Infiltrate”” Career Skill. These two changes inadvertently changed the way caps were being applied to the Shade’s damage output. Another consequences were multiple misunderstandings and mistakes that piled up to a big mess, affecting the Executioner Sword, since it shared some of the same damage templates as the Glaive.

The Shade should now work the same way she did in 1.0.7. The inadvertent changes to the Executioner Sword have also been reverted.

Aside from these bug fixes, we also wanted to give her more options in available weapons. Shade Kerillian’s “Infiltrate” Career Skill applies a four-time power boost multiplier when attacking while stealthed. We applied individual modifiers to these bonuses to the Glaive and Dual Daggers. We lowered the damage Glaives do when attacking from stealth, and increased the damage from Dual Daggers, and the stab attacks of Dagger and Swords. This means that Dual Daggers should now be able to kill two Chaos Warriors when lined up correctly, when attacking from stealth.

And while the Glaive – and pretty much every other weapon, completely nukes any regular infantry enemies, when attacking out of stealth – just as in previous versions, they should no longer melt bosses. And specifically Bile Trolls, which were missing damage multiplier caps.

Fixed Issues We’re resetting Shade Kerillian’s melee boost multiplier back to 4, from 2.

The Executioner Sword is being restored to its former glory – its Finesse coefficient on heavy attacks are increased to 2, up from 1. The Glaive heavy second attack now uses a separate damage profile from the Executioner Sword.

Changed the Finesse coefficient on the heavy second attacks off Glaives to 1.25, up from 1.0. This was set to 2.0 in 1.0.7, and during the 1.0.8 beta.


Moved Dual Dagger stabs to use same damage profile as Sword and Dagger stabs, since this seems like an oversight during initial setup. Increased the damage of this new damage profile to 0.25, up from 0.2.

Added an override setting for melee boost multiplier for individual damage profiles. We applied this on the Glaive heavy second attack to reduce its burst damage when attacking from stealth. This reduces melee boost multiplier to 2, down from 4.

We also applied it to Dual Weapons’ stab attacks to increase damage from stealth to 6, up from 4.

Bile Trolls were given a melee boost multiplier cap of 3, as they didn’t have one before.

Shade Kerillians Career Skill “Infiltrate” will now properly apply both power boosts and multipliers against all targets during the whole sweep of her attack. Regardless of if the skill is activated before the attack, or during.

Fixed an issue where a crit from a Great Axe would do less damage to armored enemies than a regular hit.

Fixed an issue where Clanrats wouldn’t burn properly from fire effects.

Fixed an issue where the glow effect on Veteran weapons would look blurry or pixelated.

Fixed a crash that could occur if Ironbreaker Bardin used his Career Skill with the “Booming Taunt” talent, on a Chaos Warrior that had not yet seen him.

Fixed a crash that could occur when starting or ending a lunging ability at the same time as the game session was torn down.

Fixed a crash that could occur if leaving a game session at the same time as receiving a “Last Man Standing” buff.

Fixed a crash that could occur if lighting more than one training dummy on fire, with a Conflagration Staff – at the same time as another player picked up a targeted training dummy.

Improved collisions around the second Grimoire on Empire in Flames, to make it a bit easier to reach.

Fixed an issue where the Bile Troll would try to stand up, when being downed. Instead of raising its head.

Fixed a crash that could occur when a Clan Rat returned to patrolling, after having engaged the players.

Fixed graphical issues with the grain on Against the Grain. Fixed missing localization texts on hats.

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