Warhammer: Vermintide

Patch 1.2 Sound Engine Feedback

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FatShark has certainly received a lot of feedback around prices, DLC content, cosmetics, and the like. I'd like to get the community feedback on one of the best new changes, the sound engine.

I would first like to state that I think the balancing and other bug fixes have been excellent (if delayed). The new sound engine also falls firmly into this 'excellent' category for me.

  • I never had a problem hearing hookrats before, but I feel like I hear them from further away now, giving the team a good chance to snipe them while they are inbound, even during horde + boss events.
  • I think you hear Blightstormer's dialogue from further away, giving you better warning before they notice you and start casting.
  • The "whoosh" noise that was supposed to play when you are getting swung at from the back now plays properly; anytime I get hit in the back it feels like it was my fault for not reacting when I could (this is how it should be). You have plenty of time to block when you hear the noise start.

  • The character conversations play "on top of" other noises, instead of obscuring them like they used to.

  • Patrols always chant when marching (at least for me so far)

I'm sure there are new bugs and other issues introduced, so lets air the good and the bad here!

EDIT: For all the people saying the game got easier this patch, perhaps it is in part due to better audio cues? I know the "whoosh" sound has helped me take less hits.

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