Warhammer: Vermintide

(patch Hunter BH build and guide

warhammer 2 - (patch Hunter BH build and guide

After seeing many post about how bh is underpowered and needs help to be legend viable, I felt I needed to share one of my favorite builds in the game right now.

Overview: A repeater pistol with hunter, 20% power versus chaos or armor, 65% crit power (2 properties and the crippling strike talent at level 10) you can one shot a chaos warrior with a full burst crit. BH is now the only career in the game who can consistently one shot chaos warriors without an ult (you need a crit headshot to one shot a chaos warrior with pick and there’s no way to guarantee crits on any dwarf career). In addition to killing the tankiest enemy in the game, you are able to kill every other enemy in game (other than bosses of course) with only 2-3 of the 8 pellets of the the full crit burst from the repeater pistol.

Build: http://builds.verminti.de/#create-6eec998fd695

Everything that is not the repeater pistol, the properties on the charm, and the level 10 and 15 talents are matter of preference. I like running falchion because the repeater pistol has more than enough single target damage and falchion has some of the best horde clear salts has to offer as well as being decently mobile. The reason for the 10% power versus chaos on the falchion is that 20% power versus fanatics (the other 10% comes from the charm) lets you hit the one shot headshot fanatic breakpoint with the first 2 light attacks.


Gameplay guide: This build allows you to be extremely aggressive when it comes to taking on groups of ambient elites because you are able to delete what ever is the largest threat at the start of any engagement. You are able to out shade shade as you’re free elite kill only has a 10 second cool down, which ideally you should be using as often as possible. Because of the wide spread of repeater pistol you can usually kill 2 non cw elites per burst. For chaos warriors all 8 pellets must hit to kill but so long as most the pellets hit they are usually only 1 or 2 melee heavies away from killing it. Your ult is used for killing specials and other specials when blessed shot is on cool down, because of the encore talent at 25 you are use it fairly liberally. As far as hordes go, shooting into a horde to proc hunter gives the falchion some more cleave which helps with your kill speed, but if you do make sure you are aware of special spawns or at least have your ult up to deal with the mid horde assassin or pack master.

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If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to comment and I’ll try to get back to you as fast as I can. Happy rat bashing.

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