Warhammer: Vermintide

People are way too elitist in this game and it ruins the fun of it.

warhammer 4 - People are way too elitist in this game and it ruins the fun of it.

People really constantly just leave as soon as they go down or they immediately leave as soon as you lose a match. I understand that when you lose multiple times with a party consecutively, that you do not wanna stick with it, that's fine to me. I do get the frustration in general, really. After all, I also have a long dry-streak of getting Veteran items. But the point of the whole game is that it is a cruel and tough world, often times shit just happens. No matter how much you know how to block, dodge and hit, at one point you will be caught off-guard and that second can ruin you. That is what this type of game is: a consequence for everything. This principle also includes the ideas behind of Grimoires/Tomes and playing on higher difficulties. People forget the ''risk part'' in high risk- high reward scenarios. People only want the ''reward'' part and never think of anything else whatsover. I also had a person complaining about ''doing too much work'', while this person had really most damage and actually played good, we barely struggled in that match. Our two other mates seemed to be new but they were no deadweights. It just really sucks honestly. I play co-op games to not have that '' serious mind'' that so many have in competitive games, as someone who also plays a lot of League of Legends. Sometimes people will suck, sometimes you will perform the best, some days will be so cruel to not even grant you a chest. At one point, even when you have hundreds of hours in gameplay, you will suck and if you want to expect people to understand your situation, you have to first start to understand theirs too. We should remember, that in the very end, the game really does not force us to grind. It is even so generous to give us equipment with power-lvl 300 if we choose to play the game casually. We should remember that the grind for Veteran items, was in the very end, just our decision because the game does not really pressure you into getting those items as a necessity like you would see in MMO's. What happened with bonding with other people through struggle? What happened to happiness of succeeding together? Nobody should feel like to apologise in beforehand for maybe doing 1-2 mistakes. Instead of always immediately leaving after a loss to find ''that perfect party'', we should just accept that everything in this game has a consequence and the beauty of it is overcoming them together with others.


I just wanted to rant this off because after playing this game for weeks regularly, it is not the ''noobs'' that ruined my fun, it is the ''Pros''. Hopefully this will help some people.

edit: I have to clarify that I do not talk about sticking with non-communicative players. I am not defending solo-players. I also understand that I talk like I meant all people in higher levels are like bad, which of course I did not mean either. I met also a lot of good people along the way, it is just that the bad side just happens too often, in my experience.

edit 2: I am also not exclusively talking about ragequitters, I also meant people who leave in the lobby without saying a word. It just leaves a weird ''aftertaste'' for me.

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