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Ping more necessary than ever

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Due to recent changes to steam matchmaking I notice the matches I get into are extremely incosnsitent, connectivity wise. Sometimes I look for someone on "far" and it's fine (presumably due to how steam now classifies far?) and sometimes I play with people on medium and I notice they're saudi arabian or other far away lands from central europe (presumably they changed their download region to matchmake more easily? Maybe steam just genuinely thinks saudi arabia is near poland now?)

The temporary fix implemented exaggerates this issue, since when you struggle to find a match, and you set the setting to far, you're exposed to a lot more randomness of connection.

It seems pretty obvious that there needs to be a ping counter ingame. This is a game released in 2018 and it's honestly sort of baffling there isn't any way to see anyones ping, neither as host nor as client. There is a mod that accomplishes this, but due to using a non-standard method that is too accurate it isn't being sanctioned.

Here a quote from the mod author to understand Fatsharks reasoning for not sanctioning it until it's changed, and that there's currently issues with getting it changed:

It is too acurate. It's more accurate than traditional ping end users used to see in other games. Robin explained how it works. But in the end it will be bigger than the ping you used to see in other games. So when users will see the ping which is bigger than they used to, they will blame Fatshark for retarded network code, which is not the case. Hence, I need to remake this mod to show traditional ping. There are currently some problems with Stingray itself, but I'm communicating with Robin, and, hopefully, I'll be able to find some solution till the 2nd sanctioning wave.


Can't put this into any other words: utter garbage decision. A ping counter isn't a PR mechanic, it's a tool for players to check wether they're going to be laggy or not. Withholding it for PR reasons is terrible PR in itself, because it shows appearances apparently matter more than actual gameplay quality. The high ping is there regardless of wether the ping counter shows it or not, the ping counter merely offers a way to deal with it.

There needs to be a method to see what your connection is like before loading into a game and spending a few minutes in it to see how the connection is. Oftentimes, when hosting, people will also complain of lag halfway through the match, then leave due to being frustrated with it. If there was a ping number available, people could just check that and decide wether they want to play with the lag or not.

TL;DR Please prioritize a ping counter, mod or not, "too accurate" or not. There needs to be a method to view ping to deal with current matchmaking issues. Game suffers heavily from absence of this especially due to recent steam matchmaking changes.

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