Warhammer: Vermintide

Please don’t nerf the game too hard

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Literally every day there's new posts that want the game made easier. This is too hard. That's too hard. This is unfair, that's unfair. That's bullshit, this needs to be nerfed. That has to change, this has to be reworked.

There's obvious bugs (hordes literally on top of you) and I won't blame THOSE posts, but please fatshark, don't nerfhammer everything until it's all easy. For example. I think gasrats are fine. You can often hear the fizzling air sound before its even close to you. If literally everyone crammed themselves into the tiniest corner with no way out, then you may indeed have caused yourself an issue. It is not an instant, unavoidable, silent death machine. (And again, bugs like double-spawning globadiers are ridiculous ones, I'm not knocking THOSE concerns.) Or the continued want to nerf hookrats cause they're tanky/don't take stagger. Yes, they're tanky. Don't rely on being able to stun them to keep yourself safe, god forbid they're ever actually able to CHALLENGE someone by forcing them to dodge, or sneaking through a group.


EDIT: Balance as you will, but I see DOZENS of complaint posts, and nothing to counter them. So I'm adding my hat in.

EDIT2: Yeh, a day later and I've had the pile on me. So. Maybe I wrote this badly out of a hope to stop Vermintide 2 from getting swung on too hard. Either way, I completely concede and have no defense to my points.

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