Warhammer: Vermintide

Possible Deed update in the works?

warhammer 5 - Possible Deed update in the works?

There is a mod in the workshop that lets you enable/disable whatever deed effects you'd like for a particular game, it was one I used awhile back and had fun with, but now coming back to it in the beta I notice it has extra, untitled (but still labeled with a file name) options in the list too. The mod doesn't make any mention of adding deed effects, so it seems like some of these might be new WIP deeds?

A few I tried out, names are inferred from the files:

  • "Skulking Sorcerer", not sure what it does because it crashes my game.
  • "Multi-boss", more than 1 boss will spawn at the same time.
  • "Slayer Curse", seems to temporarily apply stacking grimore effects when you get ranged kills.
  • "Chaos Warrior Trickle", doesn't seem to do anything noticable?
  • "Same Specials", special enemies spawn in tiny identical hordes instead of in varied groups, but the special changes with each spawn. So, you might get a spawn of 4+ blightstormers at once, and then a minute or two later, 4+ gutter runners at once.
  • "Big Specials", also couldn't tell if this does anything.
  • "Darkness", the entire level is as dark as the dark minecart section of Hunger in the Dark, and everyone starts with a torch.
  • "Exploding Corpses", a second after an enemy dies they explode in troll bile, damaging and blinding anyone nearby. Very short range tbh.

Thought i'd share here in case anyone else knows more, and just to share too, seeing this makes me hopeful that it isn't too far off that fatshark will add more deeds and maybe make them more accessible too. (I'm looking at you, quickplay.)


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