Warhammer: Vermintide

Possible Fixes and Changes Players would like to see

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Possible Slow Boss Changes:

  1. Dead Players spawn at the wall rather than after it, and keep spawning there as long as the wall is.
  2. Remove the wall, make it so the boss can roar to stagger the player's movement and spawn a horde or 2 specials up ahead.
  3. Bile Trolls should only regen hp when not being attacked for at least 3 seconds (or at a reduced rate when being attacked).

Player Respawn fix:

When a player spawns they may get left behind after a ledge or something and can't be picked up for the rest of the match.

  1. A hook rat grabs the tied player and uses a smoke bomb, moving them up ahead to be picked up.
  2. A bunch of rats spawn and pounce the tied player and devour them so they respawn farther ahead.

Rats hitting from behind fix: 1. Rats should only do a slow charged attack with a warning sound before hand to give time to counter.


Red/cosmetic Drop Rate Fix: Each chest opened without a red should increase the drop chance. The chance increase should have a cap and should only increase the chance for legend vaults to encourage playing legend matches over champion.

Possible Reward for Deeds or Contracts:

Instead of rewarding a red weapon/cosmetic drop directly it may give a red token or a cosmetic tokens. Player can use the red/cosmetic tokens to buy a desired red or cosmetic, each weapon/outfit may have a different token cost. Deeds can reward a red drop chance booster consumable, which is used during the chest opening screen and allows the next chest opened to have a higher drop chance. Loot rats should always drop at least 1 loot die.

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