Warhammer: Vermintide

Powder Monkey Achievement Glitched?

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So my group decided to go for the Powder Monkey achievement but something went wrong and we didn't get the reward. We got all three barrels to the market, lost one while dropping down from the healing and ammo house, however, one team member said he remembered seeing a barrel in one of the houses and went back to look before he dropped. Ranald smiled on us and there were 4 barrels on the map! Back in the game, or so we thought. We carry the three barrels to the final plaza, activated the wagon and threw all three barrels in. No one so much as tagged or touched any of the event barrels. We finished the map but when we got back to the keep we were not rewarded the achievement. And yes, it was a legend run. Anyone know if this is currently glitched or what we may have done wrong?

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