Warhammer: Vermintide

Power, Cleave, and Stagger Question(s)

warhammer 2 - Power, Cleave, and Stagger Question(s)

Hello, I got Vermintide 2 a while ago and have been playing it with a pal for a while now (I have one Hero to ~29 and the rest ~16, although we both like Bardin, him Ironbreaker and me Slayer, the most so typically he plays Ironbreaker and I switch around the other heroes and careers when we play together, which is most of the time) and I'm starting to look into more details about how the game actually works. So far I've been able to do okay just winging it and listening to the advice of some players I meet in quickplay, and we are able to consistently duo (with two bots) on Champ though we are struggling to win on Legend.

Anyway, I'm trying to get better at the game through the theory side of things and I feel like something that is pretty important to that is understanding how the three things in the title actually effect gameplay, but most importantly Cleave and Stagger. So I'm just going to put these questions in numbered point:

  1. (Generally) How does Cleave work? I am pretty sure cleave just means how many enemies your weapon hits and how much damage it does, but please do correct me if I'm already wrong on that. Obviously I've found that each weapon cleaves differently, but I can't quite figure out how it works against different enemy types and it feels somewhat inconsistent. Is it truly just a per weapon thing and if so is there something I can use to see how each weapon performs in that aspect? I saw the V1 spreadsheet, does that still apply to weapons in V2?
  2. Same thing, but with stagger, especially in relation to the level 15 talents. I checked the "Everything you wish Fatshark told you" thingy so I know about the different stagger levels but I don't understand how exactly the interact with the talents (for example I see a lot of people saying I should use the mainstay talent but I don't understand why I'd use that when the other one seems to have more upfront damage and with elites I don't seem to stagger them much in the first place?) and further I don't understand how each weapon applies stagger (If it is also just a per weapon thing or something else)?
  3. And lastly I've heard that in addition to effecting how much damage you do, Power also effects cleave and stagger separately from flat damage bonus talents/properties. Is this true? And if so how exactly does it work? And does Crit count as power or just extra damage i.e. if Power effects stagger but not pure damage does a crit help stagger or is it just extra damage?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Bonus question for my friend, he likes the shield weapons on Ironbreaker, but doesn't really get the difference between them (Hammer and Shield vs Axe and Shield).

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