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Pre-order Beta Patch Notes #2

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"Please find the latest patch notes for the Vermintide 2 Pre-Order beta.

We have made various further adjustments to Recruit difficulty in order to be more forgiving to players new to the game.


Increased the height before a player takes fall damage from 5 – 7

Horde timings: start hordes earlier, longer between hordes.

Increase sniper range dropoff

Minor Lifeleech attack distance tweaks

Nerfed grenades against bosses

Troll health regen lowered for recruit by 20% (Recruit only)

Truflight: should keep target while aiming away from painted target and fire faster.

Vomit-in-face debuff duration down from 7 to 5 seconds

'Recruit' involves less elites in general and more restrictive AI director checks to avoid insane difficulty spikes.

Vomit/Vortex slowdown nerfed (set to 0.75 speed multiplier)


Fix for UI fatigue crash

Fixed a client crash for Zealot caused by invulnerability

Fixed various other crashes



Changed so we verify all secondary prio requirements instead of just being satisfied with the first best requirement

Clients should now properly display Zealot Invulnerability

FIX flamethrowers dutting after finished charged shot

Fixed a bug where players were considered inside an end zone forever if they were standing in it when it got deactivated.

Fixed the timing and position of the charged fireball

Fixed trait related crash when removing overheat on crit

Made sure we discard lobbies that are playing levels the player have not unlocked

Reduced the max amount of stamina awarded from properties from 2-4 to 1-2 to prevent crashes

Removed camera movement on certain weapon aiming animation


added an option to allow occupied hero lobbies"

-Fatshark Hedge from Steam Discussion Forums

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