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“Procedural Generation”in V2: The Skittergate Accident

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The recent thread about The Skittergate Accident

I always wondered what would happen if the Skittergate would stop to function properly or if one was to jump off the floating rocks while passing between gates. In this game mode, the Skittergate is too unstable and our heros are thrown into randomly selected small parts of the already existing maps. AFAIK, all of the maps have choke points were portals could be located. Going through these portals brings the heros to the next tile piece. If every current maps offers 3 tile pieces, the amount of pieces would be 3 x 13 = 29 different locations to fight in. This would have several advantages:

  • the intricacy of the levels is very high since all the parts have been hand-made

  • AI pathing wouldn't be a problem since the pathing already exists

  • strict entry/exit metrics are in place

  • there is not a lot of procedural generation going on but the quick change between different locations and the large amount of possible tile pieces fight the repetitiveness of playing the current maps again and again

  • for additional challenge, the heros might have to escape a cloud of green fog that is slowly building up behind them. Therefore, getting through the level will be a frantic rush

  • since we are in this weird realm of the winds of magic, the devs could do all types of shenanigans like have a small green cloud drop 2-3 chaos spawns. Edit: any of the deed-modifiers could work as well

  • the lightening of the set pieces could be changed to be darker/greener.

What do you guys think? I know that it is probably not perfectly thought-through since I only came up with the idea an hour ago. I thought I'd share it in any case since you guys might enjoy reading about it.

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