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Proper traits/inventory managemet on full-book run

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Something I've been thinking about recently.

I just recently started playing Legend, maining Ironbreaker because he's favorite. So I find myself carrying a grim pretty much every run.

Being a smart cookie, I recognized early that the optimal book distribution leaves one grim carrier with the healing slot, because grim carriers are sacred, beautiful creatures who should always have first shot at healing. Here's where I run into a question: how should I best build myself for this?

I was running healing dupe, because I loved the idea of being the invincible hospital-dwarf who carried meds to all the suffering children. As the tankiest (IB), I'm the most likely to be up and able to heal people who need it, so I grab 25% dupe and roll merrily along.


Recently, I have rethought this approach and rerolled for 30% extra healing, with the thought of: I'm mad tanky. I should carry tome/grim, let the by-definition less-tanky grim carrier hold healing (that poor, fragile darling), and let my massive chunk of green health wittle down slowly, gaining a boost on heals when I finally get my turn at the well.

Thoughts? Basically it boils down to, should the tank-grim carry heal/dupe and be an invincible ambulance, or tome/30% and be a stoic walking library? I realize that this is a very minor issue, both are viable, and a lot of this fiddly inventory optimization is going to heavily depend on context, just curious if anyone has two cents to throw in on it. Either way, I love being a grim-carrying IB. That book ain't goin nowhere.

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