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I had a moment last night whilst playing the bögenhafen maps on legend that really made me proud.

We were playing the pit with this guy with a racially insensitive name, thought nothing of it, I've seen worse on steam and he'd kept his mouth shut up until that point, playing the game meant more.

Up until we had to escape the place where you set fire to the tainted food. Cue him staying in the empty building until enemies come and then promptly dying as we made our escape. Cue shortly after him furiously typing into the chat "YOU FU*KING LEFT ME TO DIE YOU N*****S".

I think that mustve flipped a switch in all of us as after a horde we faced we just instantly all came together to kick him.


All was nice for a minute, until he rejoined again, spewing from the bit in chat once more. Like a switch we all came together and kicked him. Kerillian the host changed the game to private, and we got to watch in victory minute after minute as he furiously tried to rejoin and just got bounced out instead.

We may have gimped ourselves by having a bot, but the glory I got from that guy not completing that map was even sweeter than beating the map myself!

I tried to add the people I played with after the map but my game promptly crashed, if you were one of those guys, please message me and we can kick some more skaven butt!

Tl;Dr Racist edgelord gets kicked from a legend game and then furiously tries to rejoin before we win without him.

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