Warhammer: Vermintide

PS4 Beta Access

warhammer 1 - PS4 Beta Access

I own vermintide 1 & 2 on PC, and vermintide 1 on PS4 all dlc included. Signed up for PS4 beta ages ago and routinely checked fatshark's Twitter for updates regarding the PS4 version. I think all PlayStation players will agree that it has been a long wait.

Anyway, I get the email on the 15th of this month with a PS4 release date set in December which is awesome, plus a link to another beta sign up page on google docs, weird considering I already signed up for the PS4 beta but ok.


I haven't received a code yet and I see that pre-ordering the ultimate edition of the game (only version currently available on PS4) will grant instant beta access. I'm definitely gonna buy the game eventually but money is tight at the moment especially leading up to Christmas. I'd like to know if anyone on here has received a PS4 beta code without pre-ordering the ultimate edition.


I was wondering if anyone here has received a PS4 beta code without pre-ordering the ultimate edition?

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