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PS4 Controller Input Delay/Latency

warhammer 3 - PS4 Controller Input Delay/Latency

So I just picked up Vermintide 2 on PS4 Pro after it launched some days ago. As someone who came to the game with no foreknowledge of V1, I am digging all aspects of the game…except one, and thus the title of this post. Certainly, I can't be only one to notice the extraordinarily large input latency – that is, the time between moving left or right stick with the controller, and the time it takes for one's character on screen to react accordingly.

My hope actually is that this is NOT reflected in the experience of others, that it's only me. Because that would suggest I might be able to sort it out. However, I get the feeling instead that it's, "just one of those games." I remember Evolve, for example, on PS4, having exactly this same issue.


To knock some standard responses on the head before they find their legs: I have tried multiple monitors, one of which is a PC monitor with 1ms response time. I have switched my controller from Bluetooth to cable connection and changed the internal PS4 switch to actually USE that connection, thus avoiding a potential issue with Bluetooth latency… which the problem likely wasn't anyway. I have turned off Supersampling on the PS4 Pro unit. Any other suggestions welcome… as are any other users' experiences which shed light on this issue. I strongly suspect I am not alone here, and the high latency in comparison to other games…even other 30 fps games…at least for me, is a glaring, glaring issue. It is enormously high. Like a half a second high. You notice this especially, for example, when looking at your daily challenges. In the challenges book, you get an on screen round "cursor" to move across the various challenge entries. Try flicking the thumbstick that controls that cursor, and watch it take a good half a second to move on screen.

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Anyhow, for what it's worth, I implore the crack team over at Fat Shark to somehow reduce this extreme latency, even if that simply came down to offering an option to deactivate vsync. I know that is rare in the console world, but Rocket League has exactly such an option, for example. Hopefully, though, there is some other way. If the issue is also experienced on the Xbox would be an interesting detail.

Happy for all commentary on the matter below – take care, friends!

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