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[PS4 Pro] Bugs and suggestions after one day of playing

warhammer 3 - [PS4 Pro] Bugs and suggestions after one day of playing

Bought the game on day1 and it is a blast, as expected. Here are my initial thoughts after maybe 8 hours of play.


– Bodies disappearing too fast after death – I literally have bodies disappearing in mid-air while falling to the ground or 3-4 bodies immediately disappearing after me slashing them to death. This is very off putting and immersion-braking. I understand most bodies probably disappear fast from the ground to save video memory or whatever, but please let them at least reach the ground when they die. I notice this the most with low-ranking rats. It was never this obvious in V1.

– Low level rats/chaos become invincible – I get this often enough – a random low ranking rat/chaos dude becomes invincible – they can hit me normally but my weapons just pass through them and magic doesn't hit them. I solve this by running away and they disappear/die (not sure). Very annoying and it happens every 3-4 maps.

– On 2-3 occasions when rat hordes were coming my way and a lot of stairs were involved, the rats would massively just pass through the stairs and walls around them. It was pretty hilarious to watch but not fun after the first time.

– Sienna's flame sound not going away – it is awful and really gets on my nerves. I have this problem when using the Conflagration staff. Here is a thread on this issue: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vermintide/comments/a7hi2e/vermintide_2_for_ps4_sound_bugged/


– Fortunately I have had only 3 crashes, mostly in menus. Some people here seem to have it worse.


– Pretty useful to add the communication wheel, but please make it more visible to the other players. I think it would be best to add voice over to the communications. When in the heat of battle, I can't really notice the little communications on the right side of the screen and unfortunately most people don't use voice chat so we have to rely on that.

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– Add the option to make the UI even smaller – I have it on 0 and it still takes massive space on my 55 inch TV. This should be easy to fix I believe.

– Lobby browser – AGAIN we don't have it on consoles, unless I have missed it. Please add it.

– L4D2 added all the old L4D maps for free. And yes, I know there is one secret map in the 2nd DLC. I'd rather pay for new content or have the bugs fixed.

– Have an option to pick "higher resolution" or "1080p and higher framerate" on the Pro. I don't care that much about running the game at 1440, would rather have the option to add some fps.

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