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PSA: An Overview of Healing and Health

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  • Being revived puts you on a bar of temporary (white) health, though a small sliver of permanent (green) is always present. It's not enough to withstand a single blow, but it means you can't go down by simply taking too long to heal.

  • Taking damage to your health interrupts interactions. If you hold block while reviving someone or using something, damage will be absorbed by your block stamina instead.

  • All careers have the same talents for the 4th tier: temp HP on crit; temp HP on kill; perm HP on a boss kill. If you don't have a crit build and/or can't attack in quick succession, the kills one is often better. Bosses are too rare and sparse to justify picking the third over the other two.

  • If you can't take health with you, then have the person with the lowest HP waste it. You can only benefit from more health, and it does nothing being left behind.

  • That said, try to be conservative with healing when it isn't abundant; if it's not your last life, try to save it for then. Even on temp health you can usually survive a long time by staying close to the group.


  • The effects of grimoires can be countered by equipping trinkets with "curse resistance".

  • If a player carrying a grimoire dies, the health cap will be removed and your health will stay proportional; if you were at 50% of the reduced health bar, it will increase to 50% of the restored bar.

  • Tomes cannot be given or dropped without dying. If you want to use a potion, you have to pick it up off the ground to swap it with your book.


  • Will heal 75%† of your starting health at the base level, and will "heal" temp health into permanent health.

  • Medkits > draughts. If you are collecting tomes, the one person without should try and carry a medkit.

  • Medkits can heal even through perks that normally block it, and can heal tome carriers. As such, they should be considered more valuable.


  • Draughts restore around 75† perm health at their base level. Great in a pinch or for topping up, but that's about it.

  • Alert the group to healing potions instead of just taking them. Your tome holders can't be given things, and a medkit carrier on low health is better off wasting a potion and grabbing their medkit again.

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  • 4/5 orange necklace traits buff healing. If a person has a trait that affects others, have them carry the medkit instead of a tome.

  • Healers Touch is especially useful as there's a 1/4 chance that healing items won't be consumed on use, which can turn the tide in a tight spot.

  • Hand of Shallaya restores 1/3 of your missing health when you heal another player. At first glance this seems like a lesser version of Healer's Touch without the gambling aspect, but has much greater potential: since it still applies healing effects, it can remove bleedout and reset the injury counter of two players in one use.

  • Boon of Shallya will increase the effectiveness of healing significantly. +30% means a draught will heal an additional 96HP(+21) and a medkit will restore 97.5%(+22.5) of your starting health.

  • Barkskin is probably the least useful, as it's typically very situational. Halving damage taken after healing is very useful if you're getting overwhelmed, but shouldn't take priority over the other perks.

Regenerating Health

  • Requires a special mention as it isn't entirely clear about how it works and I've seen it used improperly quite a few times. Though most commonly seen under the Natural Bond necklace trait, which regens perm health over time, it's also common as part of other passives like Kruber's Hunter's Respite, which adds temp health while his Huntsman career skill is active.

  • Regenerating health will not save you from death. Just because your bar refilled with temp or perm HP doesn't change that you need healing to reset your injury status.

  • Natural Bond only lets you carry healing items or use medkits on others. This can be circumvented by having a medkit used on you, as you're not healing yourself.


Things to consider when you need to decide who to heal. Generally, this tends to be a good order of importance:

Is this person on their last life?

Grey screen means you're out if you go down again. Those collectables are worthless if you lose, and being down a player can often be enough to get you overwhelmed.

Is this person carrying a grimoire?

The grim is gone forever if the holder dies, and it significantly affects XP and loot quality. As such, these two players should get priority on healing.

Is this person under level 20?

The career talents at level 20 allows you to regain temp health on kills or crits, or perm health on killing a boss. If a character lacks this skill and has the lower hero power that comes with lower levels, they probably need it more.

Is this person carrying a tome?

Tomes obviously affect rewards and users can't use healing outside of map drops. As such, they have a slight edge on medkit priority.

Obviously this is a simple rule of thumb, the circumstances will differ based on the current game. Just be sure to weigh them all up and use your best judgement — for example, having a level 20 perk doesn't mean you're protected from mistakes, nor does having a grimoire mean you're entitled to health.

†Just as a note, specific figures on Draught and Medkit healing were stolen from the Vermintide 2 Wiki since FatShark loves hiding specific figures for some strange reason.

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