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PSA: BH Double-Shotted’s ability to pierce enemies

warhammer 10 - PSA: BH Double-Shotted's ability to pierce enemies

I see a lot of comments about this ultimate (with the double shotted talent) being able to pierce everything but bosses like butter (which is not true), so here's some actual info (also tested on the modded realm):

1) If it pierces, it will deal it's full damage (as far as I am aware). This means if it reaches it's maximum number of pierces and then hits a chaos warrior, that chaos warrior is still dead (Legend Difficulty).

2) If it's armored (or monster, this includes PackMaster), it will NOT pierce. Once it hits any of these, the bullet is consumed.

This also includes leeches, blightstormers, and maulers (the 2H axe chaos infantry) who are not armored but still can't kill anything beyond hitting one of them (per bullet). It may be possible with some power bonuses stacking from other sources, but for now assume it isn't.

3) Below are some pierce values (Remember, +1 to all pierce values for the TOTAL kill per bullet).

Slave Rat: 4 pierces before hitting 1 last enemy (so you can kill 5 slave rats with 1 bullet, for a total of 10 per ult).

Clan Rat: 2

Fanatic: 3

Marauder: 1

Plague Monk/Berserker: 1

Assassin/Globadier/Loot Rat: 8

Pigs and Rat critters: Also 8

Ungor and Ungor Archer: 8

Gor: 1

4) Shields? Don't matter!

5) So what happens if it hits multiple enemies of different types?


Well, what I have above is a very simplified "pierce" value. The actual way this game calculates piercing is by mass. The very basics of it is that each attack in the game has a cleave value (melee or ranged) and every time it passes through an enemy it will subtract the enemy's mass from the cleave, then continue on until it goes to (or below) 0. There's stuff with linesman and all that, but it's a lot of information that isn't too useful for this topic.

So, for simplicity's sake, just assume that once you pierce a listed enemy above, you won't be able to pierce different enemies as much. There's a ton of combinations but here's some examples of how to think about it:

Are there 2 armored enemies in the way? It's only hitting those two. Therefore, it's usually better trying to line up 1 thing before an armored enemy.

Both bullets do NOT hit at the same time. One comes after the other. This means if there are 5 slave rats in the way of something, there goes 1 bullet.

Marauders and Gor are the worst. If you hit even 1 slave rat before hitting a marauder, that bullet will stop upon hitting a marauder. If you hit 1 Marauder, you can only kill 1 slave rat with no extra piercing. This means if 4 marauders are in the way of your actual target, you won't kill the target.

6) Strength Potions? Don't seem to help at all with piercing on Double Shotted.

Headshots? Same deal.

Crits? Nope.

The End.

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