Warhammer: Vermintide

PSA: Class changes

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Classes have been changed for full release, immediately seeing a nerf on Waystalker ammo, no longer 2x buff, level 25 talent also now only restores 20% of max ammo instead of half capacity. Post any other noticed changes so we can get a consolidated list until FatShark posts them


  • Waystalker: Health only regens up to 50% and her Trueshot at 25 only gives 20% ammo. Ammo buff reduced from 2x to about 1.7x. Damage falloff range doubled instead of infinite.

  • Handmaiden small buff: Her dodge talent 10% instead of 5% (still garbage) and her dash now causes bleed.

  • Shade nerfed: 25% grim buff reduced to 15% (thanks to /u/Devildog0491 )


Please refer to /u/Manservice and his beautifully crafted breakdown comment on everything Kruber so far


  • Unchained: Cooldown reduction to 2:00 (/u/The_Gentleman_1 and /u/benemin )


thanks /u/Ricordis!

Witch Hunter Captain: Old stats in brackets.


  • Eternal Guard (Career Passive): No light attack block cost from frontal attacks.
  • Killing Shot (Career Passive): Critical hit headshots instantly slay man-sized enemies.
  • Charmed Life: Increases dodge range by 10%.
  • Always Prepared: Increases max ammunition by 30%.
  • Suffer no Heresy: Reduced damage taken when disabled by 50%.
  • Marked for Death: Witch-Hunt grants 10% increased attack speed for 4 seconds when taggable enemies die.
  • Redoubled Purpose: Reduces the cooldown of Animosity by 30%.
  • Fierce Oratory: Increases the radius of Animosity by 50%


  • Animosity (Career Skill): Boosts critical hit chance (?) for all nearby party members for 6(8) seconds and pushes back nearby enemies.
  • Unflagging Spirit: Increases max stamina by 1(2).
  • Abjure Temptation: Increases power by 15%(25%) when the party holds at least one Grimoire.
  • Deathknell: Increases headshot bonus by 33%(25%)
  • Justice's Bounty: Witch-Hunt recovers 2(5) temporary health for the party when taggable enemies die.
  • Wild Fervour: Increases critical hit chance by 8%(20%) for 4 seconds when taggable enemies die.
  • Resonating Faith: Increases the duration of Animosity to 10(12) seconds.

Unknown due to lack of ingame informations

  • Witch-Hunt (Career Passive): Tagged enemies take additional damage.
  • Righteous Zeal: Kills grant temporary health.
  • Purifier: When bosses die, gain health.

So Witch Hunter Captain only got one buff (Deathknell). Anything else is a direct nerf. And I felt not like he needed it

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