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PSA: Higher than expected ping; possible solution

warhammer 10 - PSA: Higher than expected ping; possible solution

I have some information that might drastically improve your ping if you are in the similar situation as myself. Tl;dr at the bottom.

Some information to begin with: I'm Australian. My ISP is Aussie Broadband. I am connected to the Australian NBN (National Broadband Network) scheme and am privileged to have a FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) connection, getting 100mbps down and 40mbps up.At the beginning of the year, my average ping rocketed from 30-70 to a consistent 250+. Vermintide was the only game I played that showed this increased ping (although there are other games that will be affected in the same way). While hosting, people that I had played with previously were getting much higher pings.

Speed test results were showing no decrease in performance and playing during peak/off-peak showed no change. I frequently am in a position where I play Vermintide on a laptop using my mobile phone as a data hotspot. My ping was substantially less (and had been consistent during my Vermintide career) while using my hotspot much to my confusion.

At this stage I reached out to Fatshark support and was given the backend server address that I might contact my ISP about. Doing some trcroute using my home network as well as my mobile hotspot, I saw that my pings were much less from my home network, which is what I would've expected.


So at this point I was pretty sure that something was indeed going on with my ISP. After a bit of digging, I found that AussieBB have been performing an Australia wide switch to CG-NAT (Carrier Grade Network Address Translation) due to the worldwide shortage of usable IPv4 addresses. What that means is that “my” public IPv4 address was actually an IPv4 address shared with a bunch of other people from the ISP. Incoming and outgoing information has to be translated from the ‘public’ address to the ‘private’ address constantly, done through a designated port on the NAT device, and any incoming traffic directed at me that I didn’t request (And therefore attach my ‘private’ address for the NAT device to translate back to) was not received because ‘my’ IP address is not actually my IP address. Phew, I hope that makes sense. (As a side note, CG-NAT is not compatible with port forwarding/routing and a few peer to server scenarios as a result. Consoles also have major problems because of this).

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As you might be able to deduce, incoming and outgoing connections such as peer to peer hosting (Vermintide) are very negatively affected, in most cases not functioning at all. Most people, however, wouldn’t notice anything as it doesn’t affect normal every day internet browsing. My ISP offers a free opt-out option for those people that call up and have a legitimate reason for doing so, and upon opting out will be removed from CG-NAT and assigned a true and personal public IPv4 address. So I opted out, and now I’m back in glorious sub-100 ping all the time.

I hope this information is able to help someone else.

TL;DR: My ISP opted into CG-NAT to 'solve' ipv4 shortage. CG-NAT does not play nice with peer to peer hosted games (due to IPv4 sharing) and some peer to server games (due to port routing being done at the ISPs end, not your home router). You need your own public IP address for correct functionality, my ISP offers CG-NAT opt-out for free to those with a valid reason. Other ISPs may offer similar solutions (Such as static IP addresses).

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